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How to conduct a UX usability test?

Usability testing is all about trying to find out what your site visitors want.

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When you plan to launch a new website, app, or other digital product, it’s important to conduct a usability test. UX usability tests are a fascinating concept and can help you define what your customers want from the product and how best to give them what they need. 

You can choose from several websites online that provide free samples of this kind of research, but before you rush out to start your project, it’s important to know how to conduct a UX usability test.

Steps on How to Conduct a UX Usability Test?

Plan What Areas of the Product It Should Cover

What you need to cover in a UX test depends on what you’re trying to find out. It’s important to identify the main features of your site or product and try to break them up into specific sections for the usability test.

Choose an Appropriate Testing Method

There are many different ways you can perform a usability test. You might want to use an online service, such as a usability hub. You can find a test at a conference, with friends, or even in person.

When you’re choosing the suitable method, think about the following questions:

Does your chosen method test specific areas of your site? Does your chosen method draw attention to areas that you don’t need to show off? Will your chosen method help you identify the problems in your site?

Identify The Participants

Of course, if you want to conduct an in-person usability test, it’s a good idea to find some friends and family members who would be willing to help out. 

Otherwise, you might consider holding the tests over Skype or messenger conversations with strangers online. You can also hire an independent testing agency to help you out.

Set Up Testing Conditions

When you’re choosing the best location for testing, think about the following questions:

How far away from the product should the test participants be? 

What sort of lighting should the testing room have? How much background noise is there in the testing room?

Test Types

Your testing method depends on what you’re looking for from your users and how much time you have. For example, an online approach that focuses on a specific area of your site might not offer the benefits of an in-person test.

Provide Test Participants with a Brief

It’s essential to give your test participants the correct information about what you want them to focus on when you’re choosing the best way to conduct your user testing

Make sure you include direct questions to get helpful information and help their needs and wants come through in the end product.

Conduct The UX Usability Test

If you’ve chosen the proper testing method, your participants should start to display behavior that suggests they understand how your site works. 

When this happens, it’s time to move from small observations to large-scale usability problems.

Analyze The Results

It’s essential to put together all of the information you’ve gathered from the usability test and look for trends and themes. You might want to test different areas of your product at various times to see how people respond differently.

Consider Your Next Steps

After the usability tests have concluded, you need to look at the data and decide what you want to do with it. 

For example, if you’ve found that some areas of your site are confusing or look like they’re not working, then it’s time to fix those problems and launch a new version of your site with clearer navigation and fewer problems.

Consider the Ideal UX Testing Plan

As with most things in life, there’s no ideal solution to conducting a usability test. You’re just going to have to experiment and see what works best for you and your project. 

For example, if you’re planning the launch of a new website, you might want to conduct a test with some of your friends or family members in person before focusing on an online usability test. However, the best approach will depend on your project and how much time you have at your disposal.


Usability testing is all about trying to find out what your site visitors want. You need to give them the chance to tell you exactly what they need from a user-centered design perspective. Usability testing is all about asking the right questions. 

If you can come up with a few questions that will help you identify problems quickly, then your site visitors will be glad you conducted a usability test in the first place.

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