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How to convert files from MOV to MP4

how to convert files from mov to mp4

MOV is one of the leading contenders when it comes to the most popular and famous video converters. The format, which was developed by tech-giant Apple, has spread rapidly and is heavily used by every MAC and Apple user.

However, the one thing going against MOV is that its functionality is limited to Apple devices. This means that the video player cannot play videos on an Android device, or a Windows device for that matter. Users of the software, who are looking forward to enjoying a good time watching videos, have to then think of alternative methods of watching a video on their Android devices. The best way to do so is by converting the format from MOV to MP4. This will help you play the video on your Android device, in a supported format.

Movavi offers its users an excellent way to change the format of their videos from MOV to MP4. You can see how to run the video converter by clicking this link:

The process of transferring the format includes the following steps:

1.   Installing the Software

This is pretty much understandable. The first thing you need to do for converting video files is installing the Movavi Video Converter software. Install it on your computer for the best impact.

2.   Adding Files

Once you have installed the software, the next step that you need to take is adding the files on the converter’s queue. With the files listed, you can now utilize the various customization options for enhanced results as well.

3.   Edit and Compress the Video

It is best to make any and all edits right now before you change the format of the video. Movavi includes interesting editing features, which reduce the complications arising in this process. You can try the stabilization tab to reduce signs of shaking. Click the audio bar to adjust noise, and click the adjustments tab to set brightness, saturation, contrast and other parameters. The features are quite comprehensive. You can also crop and trim the file. Finally, compress the file before changing the format of the file.

4.   Change Format and Save

Once the files have been formatted, select the output format and then save the converted files on your system. This would mark the end of the process of converting your files through Movavi.

Additional Features

Besides just being able to convert and edit videos, the Movavi Video Converter can also convert audios and images. This makes it a multifaceted media converter, with numerous benefits. It can also perform cross-conversion of media files, which can come in handy later.

Similarly, you can use the tool to convert video files to animated GIFs of your choice. Besides this, the Movavi Video Converter also has numerous built-in editing features. These features will help you in editing the video file, allowing you to convert sequences that you desire. The converter helps you trim and cut different parts and add a bit of spark to your final, converted version.

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