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How to convert PDF to Excel without software online

The best way to convert PDF to Excel to enable editing and modification is by using a completely efficient online tool that is quick, easy, and safe.

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PDFs, as versatile and widely acceptable as they are, are almost non-editable even though they are used for multiple documentation purposes.

So, converting PDFs to another word format becomes inevitable, just as most users always seek to convert PDFs to Excel if there is a need to edit the document.

However, we will describe how you can convert PDF to Excel manually and with the help of the most convenient and user-friendly online tool.

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Although numerous programs can be installed to help users convert PDF to Excel, we will not be looking into these Software converters.

Converting a file into a spreadsheet should not be arduous if you know exactly what to do. So, how can you convert PDF to Excel to be able to make changes without using any software?

In this study, we will outline three ways to convert PDF to Excel manually and demonstrate how you can do this online without using any software.

4 ways to convert PDF to Excel without using software

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Using manual copy paste 

  • Step 1: Open the desired PDF file you want to convert to Excel and use CTRL + A or the mouse to highlight and select all the content.
  • Step 2: Next, open a blank Excel worksheet, Right-click on any cell, and select “Paste Special” from the Context Menu options.
  • Step 3: Once the Paste Special window loads, select “Paste as Text” and then click “OK” 

NOTE: This method is only suitable for a handful of data entries and does not convert many PDFs into Excel files.

Once you have done this, Excel will paste the copied content in a free form, and you will then proceed to finish the copied data the way you need it.

Also, you may bypass steps two and three using CTRL + V, which is the shortcut of the Paste Function.

Convert PDF to Excel Using Microsoft Word 

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We have established that one of the most challenging parts of using PDFs is editing and modifying the contents of a PDF; we must make them editable before transferring them to Excel Worksheets.

This is where Microsoft Word acts as a mediator.

  • Step 1: Open Microsoft Word from your desktop, go to file, and select the PDF you want to convert. Or Right-Click on the PDF, select “Open With,” and choose Microsoft Word.
  • Step 2: Select the target PDF file from your device library and click “Open.”
  • Step 3: At this point, you will receive a warning from Excel saying that Microsoft Word will transform the PDF into a Word document, and outcomes may vary. Click “OK,” and Microsoft will open the file in an editable Word format.
  • Step 4: Using your Mouse Cursor or keyboard shortcut (CTRL+A), select the entire content, carry out the Context Menu’s copy, or use CTRL+C to copy the selected content.
  • Step 5: Move to Excel and open a blank Worksheet, then paste the copied content there using the “paste” option or CTRL+V 

It is more effective to use Microsoft Word to make PDFs modifiable before finally moving them into Excel Worksheet.

Moreover, they will appear closest to the original data format than when they are moved straight to Excel Worksheet, where they appear in a free form.

Convert PDF to Excel using get data’ feature

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Excel offers the Get Data feature for fetching data from external sources, which can be found in the Data tab.

So, here is how to convert PDF to Excel using the Excel Get Data feature

  • Step 1: Move your cursor to the data tab, move to the get & transform data section, then click on “get data.” Your next move is to choose “From File” from the options and select “From PDF.”
  • Step 2: The action above will prompt Excel to open the device directory, choose the PDF file you want to fetch, and click “Import”
  • Step 3: Next, Excel will bring the Navigator window where you will choose any available Page from the Display Options. You can also select multiple items by enabling “select multiple items.” Excel will preview what the fetched data may look like, then click “transform data.”
  • Step 4: Choosing “transform data” immediately opens the Power Query Editor window. Next, go to “Home” and select “close & load.” 
  • Step 5: Finally, Excel will load all the PDF content in a table format identical to the source PDF content, then you can proceed to edit the data to your desire.

4: Using an online tool

Here’s how you can convert PDF to Excel files with an online tool:

  • Step 1. Move your cursor to the “select PDF file” button and click on it
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  • Step 2. Select the PDF file you for conversion to Excel to upload to the conversion tool.
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  • Step 3. Once the upload is executed, click the Convert to Excel tab and wait a few seconds to download the converted file; finish!
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And in these three quick and easy steps, you have successfully converted your PDF to Excel without going through the endless loops of Copy, Fetch, Paste, etc.

Benefits of converting PDF to Excel online 

There are many reasons why converting PDF to Excel online is the most popular option 

The platform Is safe and private

It is very safe to use, and privacy is a priority when converting your file. The integrity of your file will remain intact throughout the swift process.

Once you have downloaded your document, it is instantly deleted from the platform to ensure privacy and security.

Another reason converting PDF to Excel online is excellent is that you will not need to install apps to your device that may expose you to a potential virus attack.

Easy transformation 

As we demonstrated above, it is an effortless, quick, and flawless procedure, and you will have your converted file instantly saved to your device once the process is completed.

Operating systems compatibility

There is no limit to the operating systems on which the online converter can run, from Windows and Mac to Linux and Android.

Therefore, you can conveniently convert PDF to Excel without hassle with any of your devices, thanks to the universality of file format resulting from the conversion. 

100% online conversion

The totality of online conversion means that you can do this conversion from anywhere and at any time because it takes place in the platform cloud.

All you require is a working device, an internet connection, and the PDF file you want to convert.

Again, since no particular app is required, there will be nothing taking up additional unnecessary space in your device or exposing your device to virus attacks.


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It is a frequent practice among users to edit data when handling PDFs. This study has enumerated ways to convert PDF to Excel without using the software.

Examples include copy-paste, Microsoft Word as a mediator, and Excel’s Get Data Feature. 

However, these methods have their limitations. The best way to convert PDF to Excel to enable editing and modification is by using a completely efficient online tool that is quick, easy, and safe.

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