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How to create a crazy-good pitch deck for your tech startup

Hundreds of companies have used the right tech startup pitch deck template to raise money for their business

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As a startup business owner, you only have one chance to make a lasting first impression on an investor. This is because 90% of startups fail because of a lack of finances. That means your pitch deck tech startup has to be flawless from start to finish and convince investors that your business offers the highest return on investment with the least risk. The problem is that most people don’t know the correct way to pitch their tech startup to investors.

But if you really want to get funding for your business, you must have a unique design that will sell your product or service the right way. The best tech startup funding pitch decks will ensure your business standouts from countless ones that are also asking for financial support. This post will dig deep into how to design a killer pitch deck that will impress investors.

How to Design a Great Funding Deck for Your Tech Startup

A well-designed tech startup pitch deck template can save you the trouble of using a lot of time in creating the perfect slides. However, even with a template, you must understand the pitch deck structure. Keep reading to know the slides that must be included in any successful pitch deck tech startup.

Cover Slide

These pitch deck slides introduce the case problem and your proposed solution. In addition, the statement presented on the cover should capture investors’ attention and motivate them to want to know more about what you have to say.


The problem slides for your pitch deck should present the status quo. Summarize it in a maximum of three short sentences. The problem has to be summarized into down-to-earth short sentences. No complicated jargon but simple, straightforward short phrases that the consumer or target market can relate to. It should not be debatable but have verified claims. 

Ensure the chosen pitch deck template helps you create slides whose content elicits empathy with your investor or an emotional connection. Take advantage of a problem related to the investor but if it doesn’t acknowledge it and ensure the premise is solid. 


This slide section relates to your product, your brand, or the company. So mention at least three core functions of the product. Then briefly explain how they address the problems you just talked about. The trick is to avoid tech jargon and focus on benefits instead of features. 

Creating a customized tech startup pitch deck from scratch is a time-consuming and costly process. You might opt to use free traditional presentation software like PowerPoint. However, it will only yield an average design with low quality and terrible efficiency. You can opt for Adobe Illustrator, which provides better results at the cost of more time. 

But it’s a professional tool meant for experienced professional designers. However, by taking advantage of the best pitch deck design cost, you get high-quality slides at a fair price. The whole design process is done on your behalf, which gives you more time to focus on the content you want to include. Since the pitch deck presented is crafted by an experienced professional, it will capture attention, impress potential employers, and translate to value for money. 

Product Demo Slides

For a live demo, use videos in your pitch deck to capture attention and add interest to the presentation. If you are also sharing the pitch to investors via email, a video allows them to get a glimpse of the product instead of visiting the website and checking it out themselves. This strategy is great because it shows the investors that you have done a thorough job and don’t want to use more of their time than they can afford. Overall the video demo in your pitch deck should capture the interest of the investors within the first 30 seconds. 

Market Size

Use this section of the pitch deck to predict how large the market size can become. Use the bottom-up or top-down market approach. When creating a market size slide, consider the worst-case scenario, realist scenario, and best-case scenario to determine the company you’ll become. 

Business Model Slides

Even if you have well-designed keynote presentation templates, this is the slide section that can break or make your pitch. Keep the business model simple to show the investors how they will gain more by being part of your startup. The trick is to design a pitch deck for successful investors to make a rough estimate of how much revenue your product will yield. 

Competition Slides

In your pitch deck, use this section to compare your company to competitors. Then, show how your product stands far apart from the competitors.

Underlying Magic

This slide, also known as the competitive advantage slide, allows you to elaborate on technologies and any relevant patents you’ve developed to help make your product or service unique. For this section, feel free to get technical but ensure the message is understandable. 

Go-to-Market Plans

The slide in this pitch deck should highlight your startup’s plan to acquire a mass audience. You must keep updating and editing this slide depending on the results you get from different marketing tactics. The trick is to have a plan and pitch it as if you are 100% sure that’s the ideal way to go. Because the point of the slide is to prove that you can figure out various ways to grow your business, so don’t be afraid to list out several ideas and ways to execute them. 


When using a keynote pitch deck template, keep this slide simple. Mention the founders and mention why you are the right team to grow the startup. Don’t talk about employees or those who are not 100% dedicated to the company. 

Traction or Milestone Slides

This is another crucial part of the pitch deck. In some cases, the slide might have to go first after the cover to give your presentation credibility. Use your storytelling ability to capture attention. In case you have revenue that has been growing, present it in a chat.

Fundraising Information Slides

Use this slide to state how much money you want to raise. But don’t be too specific or say the exact amount you wish to raise. Instead, in your keynote pitch deck template, include a section that states the range to be attractive to many targets. 

Hundreds of companies have used the right tech startup pitch deck template to raise money for their business. So in case, you find that you are struggling in the design process, it’s not a bad idea to ask a qualified pitch deck expert to check your old presentation and redesign it. An expert will also get you a high-quality custom pitch deck design that will convince potential investors that indeed your startup deserves funding.

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