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How to customize your LinkedIn URL

Separate yourself from the pack with a custom LinkedIn URL.

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If you’re looking for work or hunting for workers, LinkedIn is the social media platform of choice. When searching for prospective employees, recruiters may stumble upon your profile and give it a good looking over, which means presentation is important.

While you may have put great effort into detailing your work history and qualifications, some of us neglect to customize our LinkedIn URLs. The auto-generated link looks a little messy, but, with a little effort, you can tidy it up.

Let’s discuss how to view your LinkedIn URL and change it to something slicker.

How to customize your LinkedIn URL on desktop

Here’s how to change your LinkedIn URL on the website:

1. Go to and log in if necessary

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2. Click on your Profile picture and click Edit public profile & URL. When you view your profile, the current URL shows in the address bar

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3. Click the Edit icon beside your URL

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4. Type a custom URL and click Save

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If the URL you want isn’t available, you’ll receive an error advising you to try again. You may need to make several attempts before you pick a link that isn’t already in use.

How to customize your LinkedIn URL on mobile

If you prefer to do things on your phone, here’s how to change your LinkedIn URL in the mobile app:

  1. Launch LinkedIn and sign in if necessary social media home page on app

  2. Tap your Profile picture and select View Profile linkedin menu on mobile app

  3. Scroll down to the Contact section and click the edit button linkedin mobile profile edit

  4. Then, tap on your profile URL contact info on social media

  5. Tap the Edit icon in the Edit your custom URL section editing your linkedin profile

  6. Type a custom URL and tap Save how to edit your linkedin url on app

Completing your mission in the mobile app is a bit of an adventure but does get results. When you change your LinkedIn URL, the original link still directs people to your page, so you won’t need to update it anywhere you’ve already posted it.

Custom LinkedIn URLs look slicker

Once you’ve packed your LinkedIn profile with work history, qualifications, and other essentials, customizing your URL should come next.

A custom link looks slick and shows people that you absolutely mean business. Or, perhaps, no one will even notice your effort in the end. Either way, at least you’ll know that your URL looks pretty.

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