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How to delete a game from your Steam library

Here’s everything you need to know.

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Have you ever got a game in your Steam library that you aren’t playing and just want to remove it? Maybe you have something but now you want it to remove from your library permanently. No problem, you can remove this from your library easily.

This news comes from Neo GAF forums who came across with the perma-delete feature in the in-game support section. Permanently deleting a game from Steam is a vast improvement that gets you in touch with the gamers support team.

The main difference between hiding and remove the game

Hiding the game means it can be reversible. When you hide a game from Steam, it’s hidden from the standard view. Someone can still see the game or you can unhide the game when you want. You can’t even play the hidden game.

Removing the game from Steam means you have permanently deleted the game and don’t want it to be recovered in the future by any means. The removed game won’t appear in your library. But now there’s a way to permanently delete your game from your Steam library. But beware: If you have removed the game, you won’t be able to restore it, you will have to repurchase the game.

How to remove a game from your Steam library

If you want to remove the game from your Steam library, first of all, uninstall the game from your computer. If you remove the game from your account then you have to search the files of the game and have to delete them manually.

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To permanently remove or delete the game from your Steam library, click help>support.

Choose the game you want to delete. If you have played the game recently, it appears on the top. But you can search for the game from the library.

Now click “I want to permanently remove the game from my account” (if you have purchased the game in less a week then you can contact them for refund).

Click “OK” and your game will be permanently deleted and removed from your account and steam library.

Your achievements and rewards you have earned by played that game will remain saved. But you have to repurchase the game you have removed from your steam library.

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