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How to download college textbooks for free and safe

Learn how to download college textbooks for free, safe and fast. Reliable services to find and download books for free.

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Reading is indispensable for getting an education. Modern digital technology has created a reading “revolution.” Nowadays, reading is much easier and more comfortable. You can read a book on your smartphone, tablet, or any other similar device. This is why many books are available in PDF, screenshot, or another readable format.

College textbooks are not the exception. For writing paper assignments, homework, etc., you need to get some textbooks. They are readily available online. However, downloading them is not free in some cases. To an average student, it is very frustrating to get the list of all the textbooks they need to buy. It is a rather big investment!

If this is your situation, we have some good news. Some textbooks can be downloaded for free. This is possible thanks to open educational resources (OERs). But, who provides these resources? Well, an OER provider can be a non-profit organization with the sole goal of helping students.

By using a resource like this, you can save a lot of money. You can download a textbook in practically any subject, from mathematics and science to business. You can have your private digital library on your computer without paying a cent!

Some Websites Offering OERs and Free Textbooks

Now, to start making your digital textbook collection, below you can find a list with the best OERs websites. Make sure to visit each website when you look for a specific book. You will realize that you can study with less money using these free resources.

  • Bookboon is a site that specializes in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) textbooks. Their offer also includes business, entrepreneurship, career development, and related topics;
  • Wikibooks is analogous to Wikipedia, but with textbooks. However, since a wikibook can be edited by practically anyone, you should not use it as a reliable source;
  • OpenStax is a website that offers textbooks for practically any science course (physics, chemistry, biology, etc.). It also covers the social sciences. This website is supported by several philanthropic organizations and distinguished academy members;
  • Textbook Revolution is another site that offers books in STEM. The user-friendliness of this website is excellent. You can easily look for a specific book according to the field or topic;
  •  Project Gutenberg is a very large resource of textbooks and other types of publications (audiobooks, written music, etc.). It offers resources in different languages. This project is an incredible source of knowledge. The only drawback is its poor user-friendliness, that can be seen in the disorganization of its homepage;
  • Online Mathematics Textbooks offers, you guessed it, textbooks in mathematics and STEM in general. It will not be very useful if your field of studies is in the humanities. But for engineering and science students, this is one of the best resources.

There you are! There are more websites where you can download free textbooks. But the previous list includes the most important ones. You will not fail courses because of the lack of textbooks anymore.

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