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How to empower the security of vehicles with insurance trackers

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Regardless of their price tag, most cars’ built-in security measures are ineffective against the adept thieves of today. We understandably leave our vehicles unattended both overnight and during the day – but car theft can occur within minutes, even in broad daylight. And there’s been a dramatic increase in the number of high-end vehicles stolen in recent years.

The latest figures show that over 100,000 vehicles are stolen annually in the UK – that’s over 300 cars a day. What’s more, there’s a good chance you’ll never see your car again if it’s stolen; some are quickly moved out the country, while others are sold to chop shops and stripped for parts. 

While vehicle owners may feel helpless against the skilled criminals of our era, there are proven ways to upgrade your security system. The advent of GPS tracking technology and the ingenuity of the Thatcham Research Centre have led to the creation of the most effective car protection systems in the UK, and probably the world.

Armed with state-of-the-art features such as 24-hour monitoring, driver identification, and remote immobilization, Thatcham approved vehicle tracking systems are the best chance car owners have against the prolific thieves roaming the streets of the UK. Thatcham trackers provide a long list of powerful features, but some of the most notable are:


  • Proven stolen vehicle recovery methods
  • 24-hour monitoring by trained professionals
  • Advanced vehicle immobilisation mechanism
  • Sophisticated relay theft protection
  • Driver recognition tags and driver identification


Protection Levels and Features of Thatcham Categories

As of January 2019, Category 5, 6 and 7 Thatcham approved devices merged into Category S7 and S5 by the Thatcham Research Centre. These new categories supersede the existing systems. Read about the sophisticated security solutions of each category below.

Category S7

Category S7 vehicle tracking systems can be considered the standard package for Thatcham approved tracking solutions. But being entry-level doesn’t mean that CAT S7 systems are lacking in security by any means. Vehicles fitted with these modern systems are monitored by a dedicated alarm center 24/7.

The slightest tampering or any unwarranted action against the vehicles will trigger an alert that will notify the surveillance teams and car owners. Upon verifying that the vehicle has indeed been tampered with, the on-call teams at the monitoring center coordinate with local police forces to apprehend the criminals and retrieve the vehicle. When combined with built-in GPS-based safeguards, these high-end systems can ensure the security of your vehicle at all times. 

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Category S5

An exceptional vehicle requires an exceptional security system. Category S5 is the highest level of accreditation for vehicle security systems given out by Thatcham Research in the UK. These trackers are usually preferred by high-value luxury vehicle owners, but that doesn’t mean these systems are only for premium cars – all motorists can have their cars fitted with these high-end systems to benefit from the impenetrable Thatcham Category S5 security solutions.

As well as CAT S7 features, CAT S5 systems are augmented with Driver ID tags, which are instrumental in situations where thieves get hold of the car keys. Proactive alerts within the Thatcham Cat S5 systems notify the alarm center in a matter of seconds if a vehicle is started without the proper driver recognition tags. Car owners can also opt for remote immobilization features with their purchase. This is one of the most effective anti-theft measures on the market – once remote immobilization is activated, it prevents the vehicle’s engine from being started again without the owner’s authorization. 

Category S5+

Tech companies further improved Category S5 systems by adding auto immobilization and anti-key cloning features in response to the wave of keyless car theft using relay boxes. These exceptionally useful security solutions can stop a theft attempt before it even begins. Auto immobilization prevents the engine from being started without the correct driver ID tags, making it almost impossible for a criminal to move a vehicle without the right tools.

Given that brand-new vehicles with keyless entry systems are targeted by criminals using relay boxes every day, CAT S5+ Thatcham tracking systems can be even more effective for protecting vulnerable vehicles against tech-savvy criminals who are one step ahead of the vehicle security industry.

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The efficiency of Thatcham-approved insurance trackers has been proven time and time again with successful vehicle recoveries and prevented theft attempts. With 96% vehicle recovery rates, by fitting your car with a Thatcham vehicle tracking system, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that it’s being protected by the most effective security system in the UK.

Insurance benefits aside, knowing that your vehicle is virtually impossible to steal makes Thatcham-approved vehicle tracking systems a must-have for all vehicles, and especially high-value cars. Multiple layers of security and cooperation with police forces across the UK greatly heightens the chance of a safe and speedy recovery if your vehicle is subject to theft. 

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