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How to extract vocals and backtracks from any audio with Lalal.Ai 

Audio stems extraction is now a no-brainer with!

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Every so often, DJs, sound designers, musicians, karaoke lovers, and simply those who can’t live without music want to have vocals or backtracks extracted from songs or other audio files. And if that’s easy to do with popular songs since separated stems can be found anywhere, that’s not the case with compositions which are not so mainstream.

To remove vocals or backtracks from any song, podcast, movie, or any other audio file, you need a specialized tool. And next-generation AI-powered audio splitter is a perfect choice.

What is is an online audio splitter that removes vocal and instrumental tracks from any audio file you upload. The service supports all possible audio formats and outputs the separated stems in the same format as the songs you input. uses artificial intelligence to split stems from tracks. Not only does it require next to no effort on your part, but it takes only a few moments to create downloadable versions of each track. was trained on 20TB of data with 45 million neural network parameters to achieve superior results in comparison with other members of the AI-wave.

Most importantly,’s vocal removal precision is notably better than that of your average source separation software. The results, both acapella and instrumental stems, can always be tweaked to your individual sound perception and taste with the help of the processing filters.

How to extract a vocal or an instrumental from a song

With, stems extraction process is very straightforward. No tedious installation steps, no third-party software involvement; is a no-brainer to use.

Open it in your browser, drag and drop an audio file, then download the separated vocal and instrumental tracks or listen to them right on the page. The audio format you feed is the format you receive after the processing. If you upload an MP3 file for splitting, you get the results in MP3 — the same goes for FLAC and other formats.

Let’s take a closer look at the vocals and backtracks isolation process:

  1. Open the website in your browser.
  2. Choose the processing level – Mild, Normal, and Aggressive.

Mild is the minimum processing level. You can hear both the errors of the original track and the interpenetration of the separated tracks.

Normal is the default processing level, with moderate filtration applied. Most of the errors are corrected but some tracks may contain artificial elements and high frequencies blurring.

Aggressive is the maximum processing level. The filtering algorithms react to possible errors in the most sensitive way. It may result in some tracks’ natural mixing peculiarities being perceived as errors and thus removed. This level of processing can lead to even more noticeable artefacts.

  1. Upload an audio file from your PC or Mac.

  1.  Wait a few minutes until the track is processed.

  1. Download the separated stems or play them directly in your browser.

Simple as that! pricing tiers

Before deciding on a package, you can listen to previews of separated stems. If the results are satisfying, download full stems directly from the site or get download links sent to your email.

There are four packages: Single, Lite, Professional, and On-Demand.

Single allows you to upload one track or 15 minutes total for $2.

The Lite package for music lovers and novice musicians allows for uploading up to 10 tracks, or 90 minutes total, and has a 50GB file size limit. For the Lite plan, users pay $10. This plan is a better option for making cover songs, mashups, and learning to play musical instruments.

The Professional package lets users upload 30 tracks or 500 minutes total. This option has a 150GB limit for each file, thus providing better data processing. The Professional package costs $30. This option works well for professional needs, including extracting movie effects, backtracks and voices or creating karaoke song packs.

If the default Professional package offered by is not sufficient enough for audio specialists’ needs, users can request a customized On-Demand plan on the official website. The rates are negotiable.

Audio stems extraction is now a no-brainer with!

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