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How to find amazing booster packs for your favorite games

Booster packs are collections worth having to showcase your accomplishments and be part of the community surrounding the game you love.

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After a long, tiring day, what could be a better way to unwind other than playing a game and losing track of time in the process?

Playing a game on a regular basis can help you be a part of a community, and gives you something to look forward to when you do not feel like socializing or doing something serious. It can also give you a sense of achievement on days where nothing big happens or when you feel like you need a break from the usual routine.

There is a category of games that attracts players so much that they want to get many of the items related to it. When you play any of these games for a long time, you start aiming for booster packs and boxes to improve the experience.

What are these, you ask? Read on to find out what they are and how to get them. 

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What Exactly Are Booster Packs? 

When you are playing a collectible card game, there are sets of cards that have figures on them. These are called booster packs and if you buy or collect more than one pack, then you have a booster box. These packs are cheaper than the decks you get when you initially start out, and each game has a different pack.

What is common between them, however, is that each pack is a random collection; not all packs have the same set of cards. The number of cards in a pack is different as well. Some packs might have a rare card among the selection but not all packs are based on rarity.

Overall, it is a collection worth having to showcase your accomplishments and be part of the community surrounding the game you love.

How To Get Amazing Packs

Every player wants to have the largest number of the coolest cards out there. Although these packs are almost as expensive as a comic book, that does not mean that players can’t search for the best packs at the cheapest prices.

One of the most famous games in the pack world is Pokemon. In this game, players aim to collect the best Pokemon booster boxes to end up with a unique deck to use when playing with other players. This game was originally intended for children, but many of the players fell in love with the game all over again when they grew up and they still have the same passion and enthusiasm for it.

There are many games in which booster packs are available such as Magic, Lord of The Rings, and World of Craft to name a few. 

How You Can Benefit From Having A Killer Booster Pack

An obvious answer is that you play with it forever, but that is not the only perk. You can also sell your cards if you want and get your money back or in some cases make a profit, as the value of these cards increases over time.

Some people are just happy to be collectors and they don’t plan on giving up the goods. However, some players find selling their cards is just as rewarding.

If you choose to profit off of your booster pack, first, assess the value of the cards you own and know how much you can charge for a card. It goes without saying that a rare card will probably get you the highest amount of money.

pokemon cards
Image: Unsplash

If any of the cards you have are a “ 1st edition”, they are very profitable. This means that this card was from the first print so it is even more valuable. After putting a price on your pack or card, it is now time to look for a buyer. The first place you should consider is eBay because it is easy to use and many people look for used goods there. You can also consider Instagram and Facebook.

These games have very active communities on social media platforms where players share experiences in addition to selling and buying packs and boxes. Following the page of your favorite game can also help keep you updated with any new releases or additions. 

Gaming is not only for the young; in fact, it is how adults can unwind after dealing with their daily responsibilities and go back to times when they were free. When you find an enjoyable game and add this leisure time to your routine, you can improve your mood and end your days on a high note.

It is also a good way to make new friends who share a similar interest and maybe even reconnect with childhood friends who share your passion.

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