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How to free up space without deleting apps on your phone

With these tips on how to free up space without deleting apps on your phone, you’ll get more phone space without discarding any of your apps.

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When your smartphone doesn’t have enough storage space, the quickest solution that probably comes to your mind is to delete some apps on the phone to free up space.

Although deleting all the apps on your phone is a great idea, you can’t afford to delete all the apps since some of them are pretty valuable.

Fortunately, there are easy techniques you can use to clear space on your smartphone without necessarily deleting any apps.

Below are a couple of useful tips to help you free up your phone’s space devoid of deleting apps.

Disable All The In-built Apps

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Most smartphones come with in-built apps that users can’t delete from their phones. However, these apps can take on a massive chunk of your phone’s memory.

While you can’t delete such apps, you can disable them to eliminate data that could be taking plenty of space. Here’s how you can disable all the in-built apps to free up your phone’s space.

  • Go to phone settings
  • Long press the app you would like to disable
  • Drag the app to the top of the phone’s screen and to the ‘info’ section, which is at the right side corner on the top of the screen
  • Your phone will display a setting page for the specific in-built app you wish to disable.
  • Click the disable option to disable the app

Manage Your Storage Space

Whatsapp’s recent updates allow users to manage their phone’s storage space effectively.

These recent updates enable users to sift through their group chats or their individual messaging and determine which messages or chats are taking up a considerable chunk of their phone’s space.

You can take advantage of these recent updates to manage the storage space your conversations consume to free up your phone’s space.

Even better, you can select the specific type of data you wish to store on your phone. For instance, you can opt to keep photos and discard videos since videos take more storage space.

Make Use of Google Photos

google photos logo on blurry background
Image: KnowTechie

Google Photos offers smartphone users an outstanding solution to store their photos securely and safely.

Like other Google products, Google Photos allows users to organize their phone content without relying on any external devices to store data. Google Photos works like SAN (Storage Area Network), a tech service that consolidates storage in one central location.

Google Photos offers an effective solution to freeing up space on mobile devices. Just locate the ‘backup & sync’ option on Google Photos to activate your mobile phone and backup every photo on your phone online.

Furthermore, you can select the source which you would wish to get your pictures from, including platforms such as WhatsApp or Instagram.

The best part about using Google Photos for freeing up your phone’s space is that it offers unlimited storage. After you are through, select the ‘Free up Space’ option.

Google will automatically free up your phone’s space by deleting all the backed-up videos and photos on your phone.

Clear Caches and Browsing History From Your Phone

Smartphones save some temporary files when we browse the internet with our phones. Such temporary files will take up plenty of your phone’s space, leaving you limited space to store your important content.

Clear cache & browsing history from your phone to clean up the temporary files and ultimately get additional storage space.

It is easy to clear your cache and browsing history. Go to settings and click ‘Safari History Storage.’ Select the ‘Clear Browsing History & Website Data‘ option to remove temporary files from your phone and get more storage space.

Final Words

Unwanted apps can take plenty of phone space, ultimately slowing down your gadget in the long run.

Fortunately, you don’t have to delete apps to get more storage space. After all, some apps are in-built, and you can’t delete them from your device whatsoever.

With these insights on how to free up space without deleting apps on your phones, you will get more phone space without discarding any of your apps.

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