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How to get around iCloud’s unlocking service legally

An iCloud locked device is every user’s worst nightmare.

icloud unlocking service
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We’ve all been there. We’ve bought an iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch on eBay only to find its got some passcode we don’t know, or even worse since iOS 7 has been released – locked to another user’s iCloud account.

The device is in one of these states – “currently linked to an Apple ID”  or “this iPhone has been lost” or “this iPhone was lost and erased.” And it prompts you to enter an Apple ID and password which you have no idea about.

There’s a reason why Apple introduced this – following a spate of thefts of their high-value devices, they had to deter criminals. One way of doing this was to lock a device to the purchaser’s iCloud account which could then be remotely disabled from the user’s computer or tablet.

Of course, well-meaning people who have bought an iPhone legitimately can also suffer from the same fate. Now Apple has also introduced the activation lock on their Apple Watches as well as their Mac computers. Having a trusted method to unlock these devices is ever more in demand.

There are several ways you can unlock an iCloud device legally

  1. If you are the original owner and have forgotten the password to your iCloud account, take your original proof of purchase into an Apple Store along with some Photo ID. The genius bar will be able to assist you if you have forgotten your iCloud username and password.
  2. Ask the seller to remove the iCloud account using  – they will need to log into their account and remove the device from the list of their associated devices. This will then enable you to setup the device to your own iCloud account.
  3. Use a third-party service that can help you remove your iCloud Activation Lock, it is called DirectUnlocks and you need their iCloud Unlock service. They have a connection to the Apple GSX (Global Service eXchange database) and they can assist you with removing the old iCloud account from your iPhone, as well as your iPad, Apple Watch and Macintosh computer. You will then be able to set up the device as if it were new by entering your own iCloud account details or by setting up a new account.

DirectUnlocks’ service is fully legal and can remove the activation lock within 24-72 hours (if you order at a weekend it will take a little bit longer).

For some further reference and reading, WikiHow wrote a helpful article on talking about iCloud removals which also mentions DirectUnlocks compatriot site OfficialiPhoneUnlock.

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