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How to get better TV reception: 3 tips to try

Do you have trouble getting the channels you want or just don’t get a good picture? Learn 3 tips on how to get better TV reception.

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Everyone seems to be jumping in on the cord-cutter craze these days. While many of the people ditching cable seem to be doing so in order to switch to streaming, some are actually returning to the days of antennas.

Many people prefer the simplicity of a good old fashioned antenna set-up. However, going back with the old methods also means introducing some of the old problems. If you’re struggling to get a proper image, you might need to look into how to get better TV reception. The below tips will walk you through a few potential solutions you might want to try.

Position Your Antenna Near A Window

When you set your antenna, you should be attempting to get it a position where there are as few obstructions between it and the broadcast towers as possible.

If you keep it in the middle of your home with a number of walls between it and the outside? You’re likely to dramatically decrease the ability of the signal to properly make it to your television.

Positioning your antenna at your window will give you the best chance of it making a clear connection with the broadcast tower outside. Avoiding placing it a window obscured by a large tree or anything like that for the same reasons.

With clear communication, you should see your picture increase in quality.

Bring Your Antenna as High as Possible

HDTV Antenna

Speaking of getting a clear signal, there’s one other placement tip that can have a big impact on the clarity of your television reception. Height!

The heigh at which your antenna is placed will have a big impact on how well it can pick up signals from the outside world. The higher up you can place it, the better. If you have a two-story house, it’s definitely worth considering having it on the second floor.

You might even want to place it in a window near your attic if possible, just to give it a few extra feet.

If you the highest point in your home is still pretty low, you might want to consider investing in a TV signal booster to help you out.

Move Metal Objects Away

If there’s any material out there that can cause major interference to television signals, it’s metal. Metallic surfaces have the ability to interfere with digital signals being sent through the air.

If there are metallic objects of any kind located too close to your antenna, there’s a chance they will block or otherwise disrupt reception.

It could be something as simple as a metal bug screen located in the window you’ve placed your antenna near.

You don’t need to toss every metal item in your home into the garbage, but you do need to move metal away if you want to get good reception. A solid six feet of distance is recommended.

How To Get Better TV Reception in Your Home

If you’re making the switch back to antenna television, you’ll need to do a bit of troubleshooting. Knowing how to get better TV reception in your home can be easier if you follow the above tips and tricks.

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