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How to get Netflix cheaper: A new alternative on the market

Methods for reducing subscription costs do currently exist. But which one should you choose?

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The world of streaming services has seen an explosion in use over the past decade. Current figures for Netflix alone put their subscriber count at over 208 million, an increase of more than 800% since 2011. Amazon Prime Video is hot on its heels with 200 million current subscribers, followed by Disney+, HBO Max, and Hulu

The High Price of Subscription

With so many streaming services available, never before have users had access to such a wide array of quality content. The downside, however, is that subscriptions can be very expensive. If a user were to sign up to all five major streaming services, it would cost them $70 a month, or around $900 a year. With so much free video content available online, from sites such as YouTube, many potential customers choose to limit the services they use, or simply avoid signing up altogether. 

Sharing the Costs

Methods for reducing subscription costs do currently exist. Users can share their account details with family members and friends or find other users to share accounts with via platforms such as TogetherPrice and Spliiit. Though this does help drive down the cost, such methods can pose a security risk, as well as making it difficult to maintain account privacy and personal viewing history. 

How to share a Netflix account without giving a password

For those wanting to get low price streaming services, enjoy complete online security, as well as have their own private account, there’s been no viable option. Until now. 

What is OneChannel?

OneChannel manages and secures access for its users to the five major streaming services. Using a proprietary software algorithm, account owners (or Admins) wanting to reduce their monthly subscription costs are automatically matched with users (or Guests) looking to enjoy those services at the same low cost.

What’s in it for you? 

  • 100% secure, risk-free sharing 
  • Full access to the top 5 streaming services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+
  • Up to 45 USD a month in savings
  • Individual streaming history for each user
  • Multiple subscriptions in a single account

How Does it Work?

Once an Admin signs up with OneChannel, his or her account information is securely added to the database via encryption. The system then automatically matches the Admin with a Guest, allowing both users to access the service on the same account. 

Totally Secure

At no time does the Admin need to communicate with the Guest or reveal his or her account details. Instead, the algorithm automatically fills in the encrypted login credentials for both users. To provide a second layer of security, log-in credentials are automatically updated regularly. 

Personalized Experience

If, at any time, the Admin or Guest cancels their account, they are automatically paired with another user. Users can choose to sign up to however many streaming services they want to enjoy, from one to all five.

Free and Risk-Free

To try out the platform, users can enjoy a zero-risk 7-day free trial without needing to supply their credit card information. If they choose to continue enjoying the platform, monthly subscriptions are handled via Stripe for 100% secure payments. Subscriptions can be changed or cancelled at any time, no questions asked.

One Channel for all Your Content

As streaming services continue to offer more and more popular, high-quality content, One Channel is at the forefront of providing access for ever-growing numbers of people. 

Check the OneChannel app, and start making big savings on top streaming services. The app is available to download on App Store, and Android version will be released soon.  

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