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How to get online casino loyalty bonus’

If you had the impression that online casinos are not appealing like the traditional land-based counterparts, you need to review that though because most – if not all – online casinos are providing players with an opportunity to enjoy the same VIP treatment and benefits. This is an exclusive offer to all loyal players. 

The introduction of loyalty program in online casinos was seen as a breath of fresh air in the gaming world. We urge you to read our comprehensive guide about online casino loyalty bonuses, how they work, different types of bonuses, where to get the best offers, and much more.

What exactly is an online casino loyalty bonus?

Contrary to sign up or welcome bonuses, loyalty bonuses come with less stringent conditions. Basically, an online casino bonus is strictly offered to players have been using a particular online casino for a certain period of time. The whole process and decisions are at the discretion of online casinos. Additionally, the type of loyalty bonus you will be rewarded with is likely to vary based on the type of casino you are using. 

It is a fact that many online casinos don’t publish their loyalty plan because players can only join through a special invitation from the management. These bonuses can be very generous sometimes where you may be rewarded with match bonus on your birthday. Also, the VIP plan is tiered into different sections such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, or any other titles based on the theme of the casino site. The benefits will vary in each stage and also based on how much you wager in your games. 

How does a loyalty bonus work?

Now that we know the meaning of loyalty bonus, it is also important to know how they work. Remember, this bonus is only offered to a player once the casino has established that the player is loyal to the site. It is good to visit the casino after you have exhausted your welcome bonus offer and of course, being a loyal customer.

Once you have been considered a loyal customer by the casino management, you will be sent an invitation through your email or from the casino’s support team via live chat. As aforementioned, the bonuses may range from special birthday bonus to loyalty comp points. One of the major factors that could influence the decision is how you plan to play for real money at the casino. If your plan is to be a regular player, you will stand a high chance of receiving an invitation to join the program.

What are the different types of loyalty bonuses?

Although loyalty bonuses may vary from one casino to another, there are only two main types of loyalty bonuses, the cashback bonus, and the tiered loyalty bonuses. 

Cash Back Bonuses

Basically, a cash back bonus allows a player to earn comp or loyalty points on each wager made. These bonuses can be recouped once the player manages to accumulate a certain amount of points. Each online casino has its own limit and different equivalent offers. For instance, some will require you to have 500 points or 1000 points to be able to redeem a certain bonus.

Tiered Online Casino Loyalty Bonuses

There are other loyalty schemes which take the form of tiered online casino loyalty bonuses. These types of bonuses are categorized into segments like Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The secret is to play for real money as much as you can and also for as long as you can. One good thing is that some online casinos may allow you to purchase loyalty points from the site itself or from your fellow players who are willing to sell theirs at an agreed price. As well, there are online casino sites which will allow you to redeem your loyalty points at their brick and mortar counterparts.

How do I join the VIP program?

It is common nowadays to find a good number of online casinos offering loyalty bonuses to their customers as part of the VIP plan which is more or less like the discussed loyalty bonuses. You can become a VIP member by not only being a frequent visitor to the site but also for playing with real money. Nevertheless, it is prudent to read the terms and conditions attached to each bonus offer before you start using it. Some of the benefits enjoyed by VIP players include:

    Personal account manager

    Huge match bonuses

    Exclusive birthday gifts

    Faster withdrawals and instant deposits

    Invitation to events


Online casino gambling has become every day’s topic around the world. This has led to the emergence of thousands of casino sites. In order to fit in the highly competitive market, casino operators are using different bonuses and promotions to lure players to their sites. Other than the loyalty bonus, you will enjoy other numerous bonuses such us reload, match, and welcome bonuses. 


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