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How to get real Instagram followers

Below are a few ways to get real Instagram followers and attain success on Instagram.

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Instagram has gained massive popularity since its inception, allowing users to engage with a broader audience through posting pictures, videos, liking, sharing, and commenting on other audience’s posts.

The platform has become beneficial to businesses and corporations who, through constant engagement with consumers, can expose their brands to new users daily.

However, to generate meaningful engagements and attain a broad reach, it is imperative to attract real Instagram followers who are passionate about the brand, products, and services on offer. Below are a few ways to get real Instagram followers and attain success on Instagram.

Craft a Catchy Bio Profile

A bio should be the first vital thing to consider, especially if you are a first-time Instagram user. Your Bio speaks volumes about you and gives your audience a glimpse of who you are, what you do, and what you offer. For instance, your Bio can read, “Ashley Ann, a Martial Arts Instructor, a Businesswoman, a Philanthropist and a Brand Ambassador for company X. Such a bio makes your page authentic, making it easy for people interested in what you offer to follow you.

On top of that, ensure that your Instagram bio has the necessary information that includes a professional profile photo, current location, work email address, work contacts, brand information, and a link to your website if you have one.  A nicely crafted bio will help generate traffic to your page leading to more authentic followers.

Take Advantage of the Trending Hashtags

One way to attract real followers on your Instagram page is by taking advantage of the latest and relevant trending hashtags. You can hijack one of the day’s hottest trending hashtags and use it to drive conversations related to your brand, product, or service.

Using hashtags will help expose your Instagram page to a broader audience who would probably find your content relevant and exciting. Moreover, you can get creative and come up with catchy hashtags pertinent to your business and brand. #blacklivesmmatter, # what’s trending, # every day of the week, #makeup haul are some of the trending hashtags you can take advantage of to expose your Instagram page further and attract new followers.

Strive for Relevancy and Descriptive Captions

Want to attract genuine followers to your Instagram page? Post relevant and informative photos that will catch the attention of new users. If you are into fitness, then it will make sense to only post about fitness related stuff.

An excellent example of an Instagram page with relevancy is the Discovery, with a massive following of over 13 million that posts images and videos about Nature, History, and Science accompanied by descriptive captions.

Adopt Influencer Marketing

If you are willing to spend lots of money to gain more real followers, you can opt to use influencers. Influencers will help give you access to their audiences by sharing your products and services and generating conversations relevant to your brand or business.

It is not a must to have celebrities as your influencers. Still, you can opt to use people who have a strong connection with your brand, such as your most active followers who preferably have a large Instagram following.

Additionally, to boost your chances of winning new real followers, you can also be a brand influencer for your influencers. Visit Growthoid and get to learn how to attract genuine followers to grow your Instagram page.

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