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How to give your tech business a competitive advantage In 2022

If you’re launching a new venture, or you’re keen to boost sales or expand an established business, it’s crucial to be proactive in gaining a competitive advantage.

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Every business faces competition. Whether you own an established brand or you’re launching a start-up, you have to be able to persuade customers that your company is the best choice. Gaining an advantage is crucial.

This guide will explore creative, innovative ways to get ahead in 2022 and beyond. 

Tailored tech

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Technology opens doors for companies across all industries, but most small businesses and start-ups don’t have an infinite budget. If your finances restrict you, focusing on tailored tech is essential.

Figure out your needs and pain points and invest in technology that will help you optimize your ROI, boost efficiency and set you apart from other businesses.

Use data and market research and seek advice from external sources if you have limited experience in this field.

Hiring a consultant, for example, can help you identify weaknesses and explore options and ideas that will benefit your venture.

Consider short and long-term benefits. If you tend to take on individual projects that require high-tech machinery, for example, rather than using expensive equipment day in and day out, it makes sense to hire rather than buy.

If your team wastes time and energy doing manual, repetitive tasks, look to automate. For example, this will help you save money and increase productivity to maximize profits. 

Create a strong, unique brand

Consumers are driven by several factors when making decisions. One of the most important is the connection they have with brands.

Today, customers are deeply interested in who they’re buying from and want to engage with businesses and make choices based on company culture, reputation, and values.

Over 70% of consumers seek to buy from brands that align with their values.

So create a strong, unique brand and take the time and effort to tell prospective customers about the company, what it stands for and how it makes a difference.

Showcase your USP, don’t be afraid to be different, and highlight what sets your business apart from rival companies. Every element of your branding strategy should distinguish your company.

From your logo and slogan to your packaging and website design and the way you interact with customers or social media followers, it’s hugely beneficial to celebrate your identity and show off your personality. 

Encourage prospective customers to give your brand a try

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One of the most challenging aspects of making a business successful is persuading prospective customers to give your brand a try. Many people you come across may already be loyal to other brands or fans of other products.

If you can encourage them to take the first step, there’s a chance you could convert them, but how do you go about urging them to make that move? There are several strategies you can try to entice customers.

Furthermore, these include giving away free samples or branded merchandise and promotional items.

You can also run competitions and giveaways, organize launch events or special promotions and sales, and incentivize first purchases.

Visit sites like StickerYou to design custom stickers and labels for branded promotional items and hand out freebies if you’re going to a show, fair, or festival or recently opened a new store, restaurant, salon, or office.

Offer a prize or an incredible discount or exclusive trial for social media followers or in-store shoppers, or post flyers or send emails with discount codes for every customer who makes a purchase.

Demonstrate products using videos on social media, engage with followers and customers and encourage them to share posts and reviews. 

Boost your review score

Online reviews have become increasingly popular and influential. More than 90% of consumers check reviews before buying a product or getting in touch with a business.

Good reviews will help you to attract clients, while negative reviews often have the opposite effect.

Studies suggest that 94% of people have avoided a company due to reading a bad review. High scores can help you outshine competitors, bring new customers in, and keep hold of loyal clients.

It’s beneficial to aim for 5-star reviews from every customer. Use feedback to improve and address issues, ask customers to share ideas and suggestions with you, and see what people like and dislike about rival enterprises.

Share reviews on your website and social media feed and encourage customers to leave feedback once they have visited or placed an order online.

If you get complaints or negative feedback, address the problem promptly. Contact the customer, discuss their comments and try to find a solution. 

Tap into emerging trends

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Trends come and go, so it’s essential to be able to strike while the iron is hot. If you wait too long to jump on the bandwagon, you risk missing out on customers and sales and buying into a trend rapidly losing popularity.

Try to tap into emerging trends and blaze a trail rather than following others.

Read what’s happening in your industry. Secondly, talk to customers about what they want for their brand.

And ultimately, get an insight into their expectations for the future, and use data. Also, don’t forget to keep an eye on sales figures and look for gaps. 

Embrace flexibility and adaptability

The pandemic has highlighted the value and benefit of adaptability and agility in business.

Some companies thrived during challenging times because they spotted opportunities, adjusted to new operating methods, and capitalized on new markets and trends.

Being flexible and adaptable is beneficial for multiple reasons. Flexibility in the workplace is vital for attracting top talent, retaining the best employees, and catering to changing consumer habits.

For customers, flexibility also means gaining access to a broader range of options and experiences. 

Beating the competition is one of the toughest challenges for business owners.

If you’re launching a new venture, or you’re keen to boost sales or expand an established business, it’s crucial to be proactive in gaining a competitive advantage.

Invest in smart tech solutions that will benefit your business, aim to increase review scores, and create a robust and unique brand identity.

Encourage prospective customers to try your products and services, showcase your company culture and values, tap into emerging trends and try to be as flexible and adaptable as possible. 

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