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Here’s how to change the voice on your Google Assistant

Bored with the standard Google Assistant voice? You have options.

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Tired of the standard Google Assistant voice? You can switch to a new one right now. The following post will walk through the steps.

Google Assistant is virtual assistance developed by Google. It is available for both smartphones and smart home devices.

Like every smart technology, Google Assistant is also evolving gradually. It is a handy application that can accomplish a variety of tasks. But what if you’re tired of listening to the standard robotic Google Assistant voice? The latest update for Assistant has something to cheer about. It lets you choose from six different assistant voices.

How to change voices on Google Assistant

1. Tap and hold the Home button on your Android phone.

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Image: Viney Dhiman/KnowTechie

2. Once it opens up, tap on the Drawer icon available on the top right side of the Assistant Explorer panel.

google assistant

Image: Viney Dhiman/KnowTechie

3. On this screen, you need to tap on the Menu icon (three dots) available on the upper right side and select Settings.

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Image: Viney Dhiman/KnowTechie


4. When you reach this point, navigate to the Preferences category and tap on it.

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Image: Viney Dhiman/KnowTechie

5. Next tap on Assistant voice.

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Image: Viney Dhiman/KnowTechie

6. Here you will find eight different voices available for Assistant. Choose the one you like. When you press of each voice, it will play a sample for you.

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Image: Viney Dhiman/KnowTechie

7. Exit the Assistant voice page.

Congratulations, you have successfully changed the voice of your Google Assistant. When you change the voice of Google Assistant, it will also update the voice for all Google Home devices linked to your account.

In the future, more voices for Assistant will be available as Google during the I/O conference made it official that six new voices, accompanied by John Legend’s voice, are going to be part of the Google Assistant voice list.

No doubt lots of users will be happy to have their favorite singer voice as Google Assistant app voice running on their devices.

Did you find this tutorial useful? If John Legend’s voice is not what you’re looking for, then whose voice would you prefer? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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