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How to help your customers find your business online

One of the most important factors of success in the e-commerce industry today has to do with the image that your business portrays yourself.

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For businesses in today’s day and age, they’re moving at very challenging times. There’s now so much more competition, as digital marketing strategies evolved. By this, it means that businesses are getting more competitive than they used to. If you’re a new business, there’s an extra challenge on your hands to double time your marketing strategies so that you can reach the right customers. Else, rather than having these customers go to you, they’ll go instead to the hands of your competitors.

Today, the key to helping your customers find your business online is to establish a solid online presence. In so doing, despite the presence of competition, your customers are still going to find you, among all the other businesses in the World Wide Web today. 

If you’re looking for some of the most effective ways for you to lead your customers right to you, here are some of these tips:

Optimize Your Website

When you have a website up and running, your site must meet the goals that you’ve set for your business. Else, you’re merely wasting all of the efforts that you’ve put into creating your website.

Especially when so much more of the customer population is now searching for information online before they even make a purchase, you must be able to meet this need. When a customer searches on products and services that fall within your niche, your website has to be one of the top-ranking pages that are going to come up.

That said, here are some of the best means for you to optimize your website, such that customers are going to find you:

  • Always undergo keyword research before deciding on the content that goes into your site’s content.
  • Check to see that your website’s page loading speed is always good.
  • Keep your content’s title short but concise.

With these tips enumerated, now you can see that optimizing your website doesn’t have to be so challenging to do.

Integrate Your Personal Account To Your Professional Account

When you’re running a business website and business social media accounts, naturally, you’re also going to have a separate personal account. But, this doesn’t mean that you should keep your personal account a secret from your customers. Especially when you’re running the business by yourself, your customers would also want to have a glimpse of the face of the brains behind the products and services that they now patronize.

From time to time, give your customers a glimpse into your personal life. Allow them to get to know you better. What made you come up with the design of your products? Where did you gain inspiration for the products and services that you’re selling? What keeps you going? What are your interests and passions?

With this kind of strategy, more customers are going to find you. You’re creating a coherent brand with your business, and yourself as the mind behind the business. When you’re this transparent, you also become more relatable and trustworthy to your customers. So, they’re going to be able to find you better.

Choose Your Social Media Channels Carefully

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Just because there’s now all that rage with social media sites, it doesn’t mean that you have to be present in all of these sites. Choose only those that you know best represents the niche that your business belongs to. Accordingly, this choice should also be dependent on the target market that you’re trying to reach. When you have this level of focus, you’re making it easier for customers to find you, rather than being saturated all over the place.

An excellent tip to follow here is to keep your social media accounts limited only to two types that belong to either of the big social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Then, when you’ve already found your two social media accounts of choice, focus on these, and which would be considered as the best way for you to grab the attention of potential customers. Curate posts that you know your customers would like to see. That way, you have more leverage against your competitors each time a new post comes up.

Alternatively, with social media sites, you can also choose to go for different apps that can also help improve your online presence. As a bonus for you, read through these Google reviews here, for you to have more insights.

Optimize Your Website For Mobile Use

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Another way for you to ensure that so many more customers are going to find your website is to optimize your site for mobile use. By this, it means that you’re making your website accessible to those customers, new and old, that are browsing from their smartphones. Note that in today’s day and age where smartphones are the norm, so many more Internet users are searching from their phones, rather than from any other device. 

If you aren’t optimizing your website for various mobile devices, then you’re missing out on a large number of customers that would’ve otherwise gone to you. You’re also making it difficult for customers to stay within your site, when the format of your website changes, simply because they’re browsing from a small screen.

There are many compelling reasons why you should optimize your website for mobile use, and these are the following:

  • It gets traffic and drives more customers to your site
  • It enables your business to have higher brand awareness and brand engagement rate
  • It reduces your customer bounce rate

Ensure An Excellent User Experience On Your Site

No matter how good the design and the content of your website is, you’re not going to gain the attention of your customers if they don’t have a pleasant experience on your site. You’re only just going to drive them away. Plus, you also can’t cater to those customers that don’t know how to navigate through your site. 

So, another technique for you to apply so that more customers are going to find your business is to ensure that your website has a pleasant user experience design. Always think: be straightforward and easy to use.


One of the most important factors of success in the e-commerce industry today has to do with the image that your business portrays yourself. With so much competition in the business industry today, it’s imperative that you’re able to bring customers into your site. After all, this is what the competition is all about. You, along with all the other businesses in the World Wide Web, are all fighting for the attention of customers. You wouldn’t want these customers that fall within your target market range to go instead to your competitors. Start applying these tips so you can lead more customers to come in. 

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