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How to keep your kids engaged by making learning feel like play more than an academic exercise

Right now, 90% of parents are concerned about their kids falling behind academically, and more than 80% say they are struggling to keep their kids engaged in learning.

enhancing home learning
Image: Online Schools Report

Everyone is having a tough time right now, but perhaps no one was more ill-prepared for their new roles as teachers as parents across the world have found themselves. Worldwide about 90% of students have had to start learning remotely as schools shut down in the wake of COVID-19.

Parents are overwhelmingly concerned about their children falling behind academically, and more than eight in ten parents say they are struggling to keep their children engaged in learning activities. But what if it’s not the engagement that is the problem and instead it’s that we’re expecting rigorous academia outside of an academic setting?

Learning in a classroom is very different from learning in life. In life, there are no tests and no one congratulates you if you get an A. Success is measured instead through personal growth. Right now because learning is taking place outside of the structured environment of school, it’s important to focus more on personal growth rather than academic achievement.

There are tons of apps and tech tools you can use to engage your children in learning. Following a cooking video or watching a science experiment on YouTube totally count as learning as long as your kids can understand the concepts.

Digital books are just as good as physical books, which is great since so many libraries are closed right now. There are apps and websites like Google Sky and iNaturalist that can help your child get interested in science. And even games like Monopoly can help teach your child math.

Learn more about enhancing home learning from the infographic below:

Image: Online Schools Report

Image: Online Schools Report

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