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How to log into Facebook if you lost access to Code Generator

It’s possible to lose access to Code Generator, but, thankfully, there are other options.

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Because so many people worldwide use Facebook, one of the most popular social media networks, the platform must implement robust security measures. Facebook provides two important features for its users: Code Generator and two-factor authentication (2FA).

While both features add extra layers of security, users may feel confused about using them and how to log into their Facebook accounts.

Below, you’ll find more information about Facebook’s Code Generator, 2FA, and how to log into your account if you lost access to the Code Generator.

What are Facebook’s Code Generator and 2FA features?

Understanding these two essential Facebook features and how they work can help you log into your account if you ever have problems.

Code Generator

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When a user turns on Code Generator, your phone generates a unique code. You can then use the code to reset your password or verify your identity when logging into your account on a new phone, device, or browser. Code Generator will still work if your phone does not have access to SMS texts or an internet connection.


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Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security feature that requires you to enter a special code or confirm your identity when logging into Facebook. 2FA comes in handy if someone else tries to log into your account using a different device that Facebook does not recognize.

Additionally, you can set up alerts that notify you if someone tries logging in on an unrecognized device or browser.

Why use Code Generator and 2FA?

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What if a Facebook user loses their device? What if they break their phone? How can they access their Facebook account? Facebook has other ways to let users access their accounts if any of these scenarios occur.

While losing your device is costly, someone breaking into your Facebook account could be even worse. It’s reported that up to 91% of U.S. corporations deal with losing devices due to theft or employee loss.

This in itself is bad enough, but if someone picks up your phone and gains access to your Facebook data, they gain immediate access to information like locations, full names, addresses, and biographical information that could be used to further scam people or harvest more data.

That’s why using Code Generator and 2FA are important. It helps keep your account secure. But, there are times when you can’t use the feature. We’ll walk you through other options below.

How to access your Facebook account without Code Generator

If you’re not able to access the Code Generator, there are a few ways you can still access your account. We’ll go over those below.

1. Have Facebook Send a Confirmation Code

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If you have access to the phone number you used to set up 2FA, you can let Facebook send you a confirmation code. When you try logging in, Facebook will require 2FA. Instead of entering a code, select the option that says “Need another way to authenticate?”

From there, click Text Me a Login Code. Once you receive a text or call from Facebook, you can log into your account.

2. Use a previously-saved Recovery Code

When you set up 2FA on your account, it will allow you to create a set of recovery codes for future use. People will often print, screenshot, or store the recovery codes in a safe location.

Use this option if you lose your phone, cannot use the Code Generator, or cannot receive a confirmation code from Facebook, as mentioned in the step above.

3. Access Facebook on an Authorized Device

Another option is to log into your account on a device you’ve previously used to log in. You may even still be logged in on these devices, making it possible to access your Facebook account.

4. Submit a Facebook Help Request

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If you’ve exhausted all methods and still cannot access your account, submit a help request to Facebook. In step one, the “Need another way to authenticate?” option allows you to click Get More Help, where you can submit a request.

Facebook will provide you with recovery instructions to get your account back. This may require you to enter your email address and upload a photo ID to prove your identity to Facebook.

The four methods outlined above are helpful if you’re trying to access your Facebook account without using the Code Generator. It’s common for Facebook users to deal with login issues, so you’re not alone.

Keep your Facebook account safe

While Code Generator and 2FA are key security features on Facebook, there are other tried and true methods to recovering your account, such as the ones outlined above.

Customer support on Facebook is helpful and highly recommended, so always feel free to contact a representative to help you with your unique situation.

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