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How to lose weight with a smartwatch

If you are committed to shedding some weight but need some help, then why not invest in a smartwatch to track and count your efforts?

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So many of us are looking to lose weight these days that smartwatch sales are continually growing. If you have invested in a new smartwatch or already own one, then getting the most from it will help you achieve the outcomes you are looking for. We’ve put together some key steps you need to take so that your weight loss journey moves ahead at the pace you’ve been aiming for.

Get a Baseline to Start

Before you start improving your health and losing weight, you need to get a baseline of where you currently are so that you can effectively track your progress. Smartwatches are great for this as they can track what you achieve and provide you with the information you need to start planning your goals. 

Start by inputting your weight into the smartwatch companion app and then carry out a normal day or week to see how much activity you do. Once you have finished the baseline period, you will see what your average activity is every day and how many calories you consume. You can then set your first goal to achieve – more steps, more workouts, or adding in a new activity are all great steps to take.

How Many Steps to Success?

The average person walks 3000 steps per day, but smartwatches are geared up to get you to aim for 10000! The reason it is so high is that there is scientific evidence that shows you can improve your insulin sensitivity by three times, helping you to reduce the risk of diabetes.

However, if you are not able to get 10k in every day, then do not panic! Aiming for 5000 steps to start with will help your body handle the carbs you consume more effectively and result in weight loss alongside a healthy diet.

It’s Not All About Cardio

It’s easy to believe that a smartwatch only offers cardio tracking, especially if you have only been using it to count steps so far, but resistance training is also possible too! Combining interval training with cardio will ensure that your body gets a full workout every day and will help you to lose weight quickly without exhausting yourself.

Tracking resistance or strength training should be as easy as selecting it as an activity type and then stopping tracking it when your workout is over. As your resistance improves, you can log heavier weights and more reps.

Mix it Up with Interval Training for Maximum Results

Each smartwatch offers a number of different tracking options, and so interval training is an easy way to log your workouts and get the best weight loss results. Interval training requires high-intensity reps with recovery breaks built into the workout. 

These workouts result in high levels of fat burn and help your body to make the most of every move without feeling that you are unable to continue due to fatigue. High fat burn equals excellent results on the scales and will leave you feeling accomplished because you will make fast progress when you use this type of training in your daily routine. 

Focus Your Efforts on Moving Every Hour

One of the most concerning issues in health at the moment is the number of people that are living a sedentary lifestyle. To be classed as sedentary, you need to be sat for large parts of your day without much activity. This lack of movement is not only dangerous for your health but also means that the calories you are eating will be hard to work off, resulting in weight gain rather than loss.

The good news is that the first step to stopping this sedentary living is to move at least 250 steps per waking hour. Smartwatches offer reminders to move so that if you are getting towards the end of an hour and haven’t got your steps in, then you will get a nudge that prompts you to get up. Plus, you can also track how many hours you managed to move, making it a great way to keep up to date on your efforts.

Track Your Hydration

Interestingly, a hydrated body is far less likely to overeat and put on weight. The reason for this is because we can get confused between being hungry and being thirsty, meaning that we will often fuel our bodies when we actually need water. 

If you want to maximize your weight loss, then use your smartwatch to track your water intake each day and then check in to ensure that you have consumed enough before you tuck into a meal. Plus, if you time your intake half an hour before you eat, then you are less likely to overeat, helping your weight loss even more!

Aim for Inches Not Pounds

The great thing about using a smartwatch to help with weight loss is that it focuses on your health rather than your weight. Many of us become obsessed with the scales when we are trying to shed excess weight, but this is a false economy and can hinder your progress.

By focussing on improving your health and fitness, you will ensure that your health journey works well. Plus, if you are keen to count something, then measure your inches off rather than your weight loss, as this will give you a better idea of the impact of your efforts.

Smartwatches Support Success

It is clear that a smartwatch is a powerful tool for anyone that is keen to lose weight. You can track your daily intake, organize your fitness and workouts, get reminders to move and avoid dehydration. The watch you choose should offer the best solution for your needs, meaning that you should take the time to shop around before spending your case. Ultimately, with the right smartwatch and the right motivation, you can look forward to getting into better shape!

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