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How to make your business more energy-efficient with one change

There is no doubt that moving from a conventional business to a more energy-efficient one, has its benefits. Find out more here.

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Running a business nowadays is not just about making sales anymore. The urgent need to become more sustainable, both in your work life as well as your personal life has never been so significant. Companies are embracing the concept of becoming more energy-efficient, and are finding new and innovative ways to do this from the ground up.

Everything from the smallest aspects of a company, such as switching off the lights in unused rooms or turning off the heating and replacing old equipment, to the larger things, such as swapping your technologies out for more sustainable ones, are being implemented.

Companies are turning to much smarter ways of running their operations by creating control systems that help manage and monitor energy usage throughout a building, and one such example is the technology created by this company which provides energy solutions on day-to-0day matters and tasks.

Not only does it help the business’s bottom line, but also builds your reputation as a sustainable company, which appeals to both your existing and new clients and is cost-effective in the long term.

Benefits of Turning to Energy Efficiency

Back in the day, there were very few reasons to reduce your energy waste. However, in the 21st century, this concept has come to the forefront due to the damaging effects companies have on the environment. According to this Forbes article, experts are warning businesses to take action and more and more companies are turning to a more ethical stance. 

Businesses can cut their energy costs by more than 10% if they consider switching to more energy-efficient technologies. The Carbon Trust has estimated that ethical companies have seen an increase of more than 5% in sales. Needless to say, it is worth the time and effort.

It reduces the running costs of the business and lowers carbon emissions. When you purchase green technologies such as the right CAFM or Facilities Management Software, you can easily control the entire building and receive alerts from energy consumption alarms automatically, and this constant tracking helps to improve the performance of the building as well as lower operating costs, which in turn raises your standards and gives your customers a better reason to do business with you. Clients trust sustainable companies more than others. 

A lot of these technologies can be seamlessly integrated with existing software, or swapped out. You can automate everything from the analysis to the management through one platform as opposed to doing everything manually. 

Smart technologies such as these CAFMs can also provide access to both the business owners, employees, and customers. It’s all about tracking, targeting, and optimizing existing systems. 

With this one simple change in technology, you can track relevant data via one dashboard and make significant changes that will help minimize the damage your company is causing to the environment as well as lower your energy bills, thus helping you to save not just the environment but also your wallet. 

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