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How to makes sales and marketing work together seamlessly for better productivity

These are the three most important areas that every company should concentrate on to achieve the best possible results from both departments.

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Sales and marketing are two words that are often spoken in one sentence and yet, they are certainly not one and the same. Nevertheless, these two departments in your company have to work together and often help each other out because they are closely related to each other, which is, unfortunately, not always as smooth as it should be.

In an ideal world, your marketing team will be generating leads and passing them on to your sales team, which will then be used by the sales team to convert. However, none of us have the pleasure of working in an ideal world, so let’s now discuss a few practical and effective ways to make the two departments work together seamlessly.

Communicate to Both Teams That They Have the Same Ultimate Goal

There is a reason why sales and marketing are often used in the same sentence, even though they are different departments, and that reason is based on the fact that both teams have the same ultimate goal, which is to generate revenue by identifying and converting potential leads into sales. Of course, both departments will each have individual targets, but the end goal is far more important, and can only be achieved when sales and marketing work seamlessly with each other.

Communicate this message to both teams in very clear terms to make them understand what matters the most to the company. To put your words into action, get a proper lead scoring system into place and closely link the respective performances of the two departments together.

Make It Truly Seamless with the Help of PieSync

By its simplest definition, PieSync is a contact sync app for small, medium and large businesses to make their marketing department, sales department and even customer care department work seamlessly together. PieSync makes intelligent two-way sharing of customer data between all the three departments seamless and automatic, essentially eliminating any communication gap or data gap that usually exists.

However, in addition to being a reliable cloud-based software that enables users to sync contacts across various departments and multiple business applications, PieSync has a range of other associated features as well. Check out the official website for more information about how the contact sync app is much more than just that and can alone play a huge part in making your marketing, sales and customer service team work in perfect harmony.

Involve the Sales Team in the Creation of Marketing Content

While marketing may draw in the customers, the sales team has to close it, so it makes all the sense in the world to create marketing content while keeping the sales department in loop. It is common practice for the sales team to create their own marketing materials as they often do not have complete knowledge or access to the content which drew in the client initially. Not only is this a poor use of resources and effort, but to the customer, the company may come across as a disorganized and uninformed organization during a sales pitch.

Setting common goals, enabling easy and automatic information syncing between the departments, and encouraging clear communication are the three key elements to making the sales team and the marketing team work together. There will be other factors involved of course, alongside the need for micromanagement, but these are the three most important areas that every company should concentrate on to achieve the best possible results from both departments.

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