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How to market a mobile app successfully in 2020

A mobile app needs to be promoted at all stages of the creation – during development, before and after release, and, of course, during full-fledged work.

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Let’s imagine that you’ve already created a cool mobile app. What’s next? It is necessary to monetize and promote it so that it becomes a real bestseller and almost everyone talks about it. But how to make it possible if the market is already overwhelmed with genuine developers and the competition is ruthless.

A mobile app needs to be promoted at all stages of the creation – during development, before and after release, and, of course, during full-fledged work.

If you are not going to promote your app, then it is better not to launch it at all because you will spend a lot of resources and have low chances to get something in return.

Promotion is a must-have. It’s obvious that your application’s potential users should know about the existence of your product, they should see it and, preferably, at the top. The success of your app will depend on the number of downloads and the permanent launch of the application.

How to get to the top positions in the app stores? Unlike search engines, which inform webmasters about the changes and the risk of being dropped from the top, the App Store and Google Play market keep the information about their algorithms under secret. However, we know that the most important ranking factors are the app name and description with relevant keywords, the design of icons, screenshots, app preview videos, and ratings.

The most decisive ranking factor is still the number of downloads. Some of the rest are:

  1. Number of uninstalls after downloading the application. 
  2. Ratings and reviews. 
  3. Installation activity in the last days. 
  4. The regularity of use. 
  5. The number of comments and their content. 
  6. The number of launches from different devices. 

According to ComboApp app marketing agency, the main steps you need to do on the way to success are the following:

  1. Testing before launch. Even if you think that your application is completely finished, you need to look at it from the outside. It is recommended to choose a target group of users who will test the application and tell you about the bugs which can be noticed by potential users. It is also recommended to conduct a focus group study or make a soft launch of the application for specific countries or regions. This way you will not only get user feedback on possible bugs but also get their ideas on how to improve your product and make it more prepared for the main launch. 
  2. Online visibility of the application. Create a section on your website where you can publish blog posts on topics related to your niche and using keywords you want your website to rank for in search engines. It is also recommended to create official accounts on social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. You can not only increase your followers base and engage them with interesting and useful content but also join relevant groups and spread the word about your product answering related questions and helping to solve users’ problems. Another option to promote your application is reaching out to journalists and bloggers for asking them about possible reviews of your application.
  3. There are many specialized platforms on the web for discussing new products, including applications. Submitting your application there, you will not only receive constructive criticism from knowledgeable people but also attract the attention of potential audiences. What is even more interesting is that you will be able to apply for funding your application as a startup. The most popular platforms here are ProductHunt, Prefundia, and Hacker News. 

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