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How to market your new app

If you want your app to get the most visibility possible and get downloaded by lots of users fast, follow these instructions.

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There’s nothing worse than having a great app that nobody knows about because it was poorly marketed. If you’re releasing an app, you have to know that you’re going against tough competition, especially if there are other similar apps out there.

This is why you should focus as much on promotion as you do on development. The good news is that promoting an app isn’t complicated. It doesn’t even have to be expensive. Let’s take a look at how you can market your app properly.

Start With Research

The first thing you have to do is conduct market research on your audience. Your product has to first address a specific pain point users may have. You also have to check if there isn’t a thriving app that already does. The next step is looking at your customer habits.

Check where they congregate. Look at what forums, blogs, and groups your target audience is part of, and start researching.

Get as active as you can on these, so you get even more insights on what they’re looking for. Look for some of the influencers they follow too. These are all things that will help you get a greater reach and acquire users later.

Create a Community

Another thing you should do is create a community yourself. Setting up a blog could be the best way to prepare users for a launch. 

You should first make sure that it’s useful and relevant to your core audience, then start creating content aimed at helping them first and foremost. Only a tiny portion of your posts should be about your app. You need to focus on the problem it’s trying to solve first.

Another reason why a blog can be a very powerful tool is that it will allow you to capture some of your readers’ email addresses and follow up with them. Having a big and well-cultivated mailing list will help you build buzz for the app and prepare your audience for the launch.

Assuming that a portion of them decide to download the app, this will give you a nice user base that will spread awareness about the app for you.

Understand the Importance of App Store Optimization

You also have to look at app stores as you would any other search engine. Understanding ASO, or App Store Optimization, is very important if you want to get maximum visibility when people look for apps. 

How high your app is ranked is very important since people will rarely go down than 10 results before they pick an app. So, if you’re not in those top positions, your app will be invisible to a large number of people. Having your app appear next to other popular apps can also give your app a lot of traction, especially if it’s well-rated. 

How high your app will be ranked depends on both on-store and off-store factors. Things like having a landing page linking to your app and lots of additional backlinks from reputable sources will help.

The keywords you use will also make a difference. They are especially important if the app is on the Google Store, as Google will look at your app’s short and long description as a determining factor. 

Other factors to look at include the app name and subtitle, app updates, and in-app purchases, among others.

If you want your app to get the most visibility possible and get downloaded by lots of users fast, follow these instructions. It’s a long-term effort and one you’ll need to work on before launch, so start building your strategy immediately. 

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