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How to outsource personal brand production with a ghostwriter

The decision to outsource and create the ultimate calling card for a personal brand has powerful consequences.

Whether you like it or not, personal branding has become increasingly important in today’s hyper-digital, hypercompetitive world. The statistics alone prove it – such as the fact reported by Learning Hub that sales representatives who use social media in selling outsell 78% of their peers, or that when employees take to social media on your company’s behalf, leads convert 7x as frequently. 

One of the main arguments against personal branding is that the average CEO or business owner simply doesn’t have the time. We mentally equate personal branding done ‘right’ with the influencers who devote all of their time to building an online presence, but this isn’t necessarily the case. While the statistics prove that personal branding is powerful, the truth of the matter is that this indicates a significant ROI. Just showing up on social media, on podcasts, or through a book is a powerful way to connect with your target customer more effectively. 

If time is your only qualm, consider this: there are more resources available than ever before that allow you to outsource personal branding. While this seems inherently hypocritical (having someone else manage your personal brand), it actually isn’t, when done right. Think of it as maximizing your stories, knowledge, and expertise to cast a wider net and build more hoopla around you and your business. And again, the statistics on the effects speak for themselves. 

Bolster Your Personal Brand with a Book

Nowadays, one of the most prominent calling cards you can have is your own book. A book signals what your expertise is, and can communicate your ideas, research, and stories in an intimate manner with many readers. Simply having a book denotes to customers, potential partners, and clients that you are truly rooted in what you offer because you’ve taken the time to research and write about it at great scale. 

Of course, many CEOs want to indicate this, but don’t actually have the time to allocate to this undertaking. Or, they don’t have the writing prowess. All of this is okay. More books than you know are ghostwritten. Madeline Morel, a literary agent for many top ghostwriters, noted to NPR a few years ago that “if you look at the nonfiction bestsellers list right now, at least 60 percent of the books are ghostwritten. That’s because celebrities sell books, but they can’t necessarily write them.”

And yet, these books do top the bestseller lists, and do capture the essence and the tone of the individual who is the ‘author’ according to the front of the book. Ghostwriters can accomplish this, and accomplish it quickly. 

Completely Outsource Your Book’s Production & Promotion

There are many resources cropping up for hopeful authors who don’t have the time or skills to actually pen their own great American novel, and one of the most involved resources is BrightRay Publishing: an all-in-one service that doesn’t just write the book, but edits it, publishes it, and then promotes it, so that you don’t have to lift a finger or take your gaze off your company for long. In fact, they specialize in providing this service for busy entrepreneurs. 

“We have mastered the art of extracting the best stories, advice, and information from the entrepreneurs in the most efficient amount of time, then turning these nuggets into a full book of magic,” explained Scott Turman, Co-Founder of Bright Ray. He’s mastered this with his partner and writer, Zoe Rose, because he himself was that busy entrepreneur.

It all started when Turman himself wanted to write his first book. He’d spent 25 years writing code for places like Disney, NASA, and the U.S. Department of Defense, but as many of us know, code doesn’t translate to a well-written book. He wanted to write a book for others in the IT industry to negotiate and get paid what they deserved, but the words simply weren’t coming out right. So, he sought out Rose’s talents, and they knocked the book out in just a few months. They learned through this process, and through multiple other rounds of trial and error, how to systemize the process of taking someone’s most valuable insights and stories and turning them into a full-fledged book.

Easy, Quick, Less Expensive

You may have read about how top-tier ghostwriters can make hundreds of thousands of dollars per book – and while this is true, it’s not necessary to sell a kidney or fork over your life’s savings to outsource this. Brightray charges only a $15,000 flat rate for everything: writing, editing, promotion, and everything you’ll need. 

In addition to writing truly spectacular books, their track record also verifies their ability to promote, as their first book reached the Top 10 Negotiation books on Amazon.

This decision to outsource and create the ultimate calling card for a personal brand has powerful consequences. Think of the many clients and customers who will read the book, the visibility the book will achieve, and what the book’s existence will signify to anyone who wants to work with you. It’s a statement about who you are, what you stand for, and the work you’ve done – and a book goes beyond a company’s mission statement on the “About page” of a website. It allows the reader to truly get to know you, and naturally feel an attachment to you – converting them to a lifelong customer and/or fan. 

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