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How to pick the perfect speaker for your shower

A good shower speaker can definitely turn you a dull and boring shower routine into a joyous one.

shower bluetooth speaker

In the shower, some of us like to sing. Others who can’t sing, perhaps prefer to have speakers for blasting music inside their shower. Moreover, according to facts, listening to songs while taking a bath can eventually help in dealing with anxiety and low blood pressure issues. However, due to being wet, having music in the bathroom has always been problematic.

You can’t always take your smartphone to your bathroom. To deal with all the messy reasons, in-shower or bathroom safe Bluetooth speakers are available with excellent sound quality and waterproofing. It that is what you need, do check out the top 10 shower speakers you can currently buy on

Hopping into the shower with your favorite music would be an ideal vibe. Some tips for picking the perfect shower speaker are discussed below.

Bluetooth range

You must check the Bluetooth range of your shower speaker so that you can easily connect your smartphone at the required distance without any problems. Do not go for the wired device as you obviously do not want to mess around the wet audio cables. 

Buy the shower speaker with a wide Bluetooth range. It also helps to ensure Bluetooth 4.0 is supported as it ensures better sound quality and solid signal strength. This will provide more efficient operation and greater compatibility with a larger number of Bluetooth devices in your house.


When you are in search of a good Bluetooth speaker for your shower, you need to pay attention to the battery life for a good run time of your device. Try to get the one with 8-12 or more hours of playtime. Also, a lot less important, but nevertheless – check how fast you can recharge the speaker.

Overall appearance

Generally, no one wants a heavy Bluetooth speaker for everyday use. Bluetooth, portable speakers are always preferred to be lighter and more portable than stationary speakers. Fortunately, various top-notch speakers are available which would just fit into your palm. 

There, think a bit smaller when it comes to shower speakers, and you would be sorted for sure.  You will want the shower speaker that perfectly blends with the overall decor of your bathroom and fits your own personal tastes as well.

Volume and sound quality

Despite a lot of running water noise, you are likely to want a relatively loud and quality sound music in your shower. Something that will outperform the sound of your shower or your bath. You should find the shower speakers which can exceed at least 80 decibels.

Compatibility with devices

All the Bluetooth speakers need to be connected with some sort of device to play the music. When you purchase the shower speaker and then make sure that it is compatible with your TV, Mobile or tablet. If you do not have any Bluetooth compatible device, then the speaker would be a complete waste. 

Also, check if the speaker can handle and direct incoming calls or not. This feature depends upon you whether you want to talk on the speaker or not. You won’t get this feature in every shower speaker, if you want the one, then make sure you confirm it before you buy.

Price and affordability

Ultimately, the final budget depends upon you. Initially, you should fix your budget so that you can easily focus on a fixed price range. Otherwise, you might get diverted when you would like a high-end speaker. 

After that, when you finalize the price range, then compare the shower speakers on the basis of their quality, battery life, volume, connectivity range, and a lot more factors.


No one wants to get up early in the morning and get inside a monotonous routine. A good shower speaker can definitely turn you a dull and boring shower routine into a joyous one.

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