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How to play Valorant: A beginner’s guide

It will take some time and practice but with hard work, you are sure to go on a winning spree soon.

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A shooting game, Valorant may seem to be a little difficult for a newbie. However, with a little bit of practice, one easily gets a hang of the game which makes playing Valorant a breeze. Read below to understand the basics of playing the game. We explain the game modes, how team coordination takes place and what every agent brings to the field. Also, check out for some Valorant hacks to get better at the game. So let us get started.

Getting started

  • Download Valorant and launch it from the official Valorant website and click on the Play Free or the Play Now button. The web browser will download the installer package. You will need 8 GB of free space to install this game. Once the download is complete all that you need to do is to sign into the Riot Games account and start playing.
  • To create the Riot games ID reach the official website of Riot games and click on the Create Account option. This directs you to the Registration page. Enter your email id to complete the sign-up process. You will need to key in your username, date of birth, and password to confirm the registration

Understanding the basics of the game

You have downloaded and registered yourself to play the Valorant game. However, first, understand the game basics. Both the team comprised of five players and each team needs to strive to win 13 rounds. The rounds will aim to detonate the explosive, defuse it, or kill the rival team entirely. You get just one life in every round so use your lives carefully. You may be an attacker or a defender in the rounds which keep changing. The attacker will aim to plant the explosive or the spike. The defender will defuse or stop the spike.

Understand the Valorant roles

Every agent has four roles that have been allotted by the Riot games. Some agents are versatile and may seamlessly fit into more than a single category.

  • Duelist – They can get quick frags in the rounds and have offensive disabilities which let them hold their own in the fights. Jeff is a popular DPS.
  • Initiator – They are capable of initiating a fight and this creates an advantage for the team in the case of a team fight. They break open the sites or zone the opponents to create a tactical advantage. SOVA is the best initiator out there.
  • Sentinel –They hold zones and reinforce the territories. Saga is the best sentinel who can revive the teammates and set up walls to block the zones.
  • Controller- Wish to dictate the fights and take charge in the field then the controller class is the one you need to look out for. They block areas with smokes which disrupt the rivals and let the team execute their strategies. Strategies well if you want to deal against them.

The gameplay

  • Choose an agent when the match starts. The players should pick different agents. It is best to get a good mix to improve your odds of winning.
  • Buy the weapons and abilities before the start of the round. Your performance decides whether you will win.
  • When the round starts, as an attacker you will put down the plant or detonate the spike and as a defender you need to take the attackers out and stall them for long. If the attacker plants the spike and you diffuse the spike then you win the round.

Choose your weapons wisely

  • Valorant does not have the one-best weapon that works in every situation. So the weapon that you choose is more about your style. Players usually pick up the Vandal and the Phantom. You can also choose the smgs, sidearms, heavy weapons, snipers, and shotguns based on your preference.
  • Every map is unique and so you may not have sufficient credits to get your choicest weapons each time. Make sure to try out various weapons to get comfortable with as many as possible. The training range is the best place to try out various guns and get used to all of them.

Tips and tricks to play Valorant

Regardless of the agent or the map that you use, the main objective is the same.

  • Focus on the objective of the game at all times. A single mistake can ruin your chances of winning.
  • Use the sneaky angels and the high ground to surprise and take over your enemies.
  • Adapt to the circumstance as the same style of playing will not work in every match
  • Better team coordination improves your chances of winning
  • Use your weapon and combine its abilities to get an edge
  • Keep your aim steady. Shooting when you sprint may make aiming at the enemies difficult
  • Learn the sounds because they offer cues
  • Be prepared with your next move

That is all about the game. Go ahead and download Valorant now as you are clear with the basics. It will take some time and practice but with hard work, you are sure to go on a winning spree soon.

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