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How to promote your YouTube tech channel to increase your views

Hopefully, these ways can help you in promoting your technology channel on YouTube and acquiring more views for your content. 

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Creating a YouTube channel that is all about technology is a good idea especially now that technology is evolving very rapidly.

However, if you have already made a tech channel, then that’s good to hear. But we have a question for you, how do people will discover your channel as well as videos in the first place now that there are myriads of technology channels on YouTube? If you don’t have any idea then keep on reading. 

The following are some of the ways for promoting your technology YouTube channel so that you’ll be able to increase your views. Nevertheless, you can also buy YouTube views that are non-drop to ensure that your view count will never drop. 

5 Ways To Promote Your Technology Channel 

  • Encourage and Let People Embed Your Content 

When you’re uploading content to your technology channel, you’ll have the option to enable embedding. If you enable it, it means that others will be able to repost your videos on their channel, site, or blog that’ll help you in gaining more exposure. Obviously, you want full credits for your videos, thus make sure that you specify that anyone who will use your views should give you credits. 

  • Customize your thumbnail

Making custom thumbnails is actually one easiest but most effective techniques to promote any channel on YouTube. 

On the other hand, making thumbnails yourself will not make your content more appealing but will also signal a sense of professionalism. As a matter of fact, you can even make templates with certain style and font to make them on-brand as well as more consistent.

  • Cross-promote your YouTube videos

Chances you are covering the same technology topics on YouTube which overlap with one another. 

In order to squeeze out some of your previous content, consider cross-promoting them. For instance, you can place the link on your video’s description and encourage people to check it out. 

Even though, some people be dissatisfied by the current elimination of the annotation system of YouTube, linking in the description will encourage people to watch your videos without clicking away,

  • Offer giveaways or run contests

If there is one thing people who use YouTube love, it is giveaways. Offer giveaways and run contests to encourage people to watch your videos and subscribe to your technology channel. 

To keep the contest as simple as possible, have YouTube users leave comments, like videos, and subscribe so that they will be able to enter. 

  • Engage with your viewers using a call-to-action

Admit it or not, your videos on YouTube have a purpose, whether it leads people to visit your site or advertise your brand. 

However, if a person watches your content and leaves immediately, you might not have given him/her an opportunity to do something to engage with your YouTube channel

Even so, as stated by YouTube, there are different types of user actions and here are the following:

  • Leave comments
  • Share or like videos
  • Subscribe to channels 
  • Watch more videos

YouTube, on the other hand, offers various options for incorporating calls-to-action within a video to inspire people to try at least one these user actions. 

Hopefully, these ways can help you in promoting your technology channel on YouTube and acquiring more views for your content. 

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