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How to protect yourself against cyber security breaches

The internet is no safe zone, and you know it. Do everything you can to decrease the risks that you face while surfing the web.

how to protect yourself online

Lately, there are more and more cybersecurity breaches being reported. It was never so evident that the internet is no safe place. Violations like this show that software companies are not prepared to provide a level of security that you need to be sure your personal data is secure.

The risk of your data leaking is growing year on year, as there are more and more websites/apps that require you to create an account. It is because of the big data usage trend that enables tech companies to analyze every step you take in the virtual world to maximize profits. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can prevent leaks from happening. Here is what you can do to protect yourself from sensitive data being stolen or made public. 

Your name, address, ID number or credit card details are present on many sites. The easiest way to reach it is to hack into your e-mail account and change passwords for your private accounts. To prevent that from happening, make sure to know how to get rid of a virus before it is too late. Install a password protector, anti-virus software and double-check on the safety measures your Internet provider has introduced in his company. 

The most important thing you should do from now on is to use complex passwords, as well as stop clicking on or downloading any unknown attachments from your e-mail. You should also avoid pop-ups and check on the URLs if they are safe. A great thing to have installed at your computer is a web application firewall. That is a tool that will add a safety layer to everything that you do online. 

The internet is no safe zone, and you know it. Do everything you can to decrease the risks that you face while surfing the web. Stay safe.

How to protect yourself from online threats infographic
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