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How to repair a corrupted MP4 video file

Here in this article, you will find easy ways to fix your problem using a video repair tool.

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Are you struggling to play a particular video file? It sounds like you are frustrated. This is one of the most common issues that people face. Sometimes videos that are recorded over phone, camera, or playback can create problems. 

The peculiar reasons behind this include the sudden shutdown of a camera, poor internet connection, incomplete download, or virus attacks. People end up wondering that they can never fix the corrupted MP4 video file.

Well, it is not true. Here in this article, you will find easy ways to fix your problem using a video repair tool. So without wasting time, read further to know the process of mp4 repair.

Reasons For Why Do MP4 Files Get Damaged

Ever wondered why and how your MP4 File got damaged? Here are some reasons to list the possibilities. Check them out now.

  • Interruption In The Recording  

One of the most common issues, why MP4 files get damaged, is an interruption in the recording. Sudden interruptions can corrupt it entirely. This can happen when a camera shuts down suddenly due to a dead battery. Also, because of poor internet connection, the chances are that you might have dropped the camera mistakenly on the ground. 

  • Power Outage

The next possibility that can lead to corrupting your MP4 video files is a power outage. This means your video file must have been corrupted while downloading or transferring from one device to another.

  • Recovering Mp4 Files With Video Repair Tools 

It is also possible that the mp4 video file got corrupted because you tried to recover it using a video repair tool.

How to Use a Video Repair Tool for Corrupted Files

You would need to recover the damage by using mp4 repair tools. But how can you do this? Software developers have done a great job creating software like Wondershare Repairit. This tool is a video repair software used to repair corrupted, damaged, broken videos or photo files. Here is the step to step guide on how you can use it to fix your mp4 files.

  1. Add Corrupted Files 
Upload corrupted video to Wondershare Repairit
Image: Wondershare

In the first step, you need to add the corrupted files to the video repair software. To do this, click on the add video button.

  1. Time to Repair the Corrupted Videos
Uploading video wondershare-repairit-
Image: Wondershare

Now it is time to start the process of video repair. Once you have selected the video you want to repair, click on the ‘start repairing’ button.

  1. Click on Save
Video Repair successful wondershare-repairit
Image: Wondershare

Once the process of mp4 repair is completed, you can now preview the repaired videos. Lastly, click on save and place it in the desired locations.

With Wondershare Repairit, one can fix their corrupted or damaged videos in just 3 minutes with these steps.

Other ways to do Video Repair for MP4 Video Repair

Do you want to know the other ways to repair your video? Then here’s the list of it. Follow these steps and fix your videos now.

  • Check The Drive 

Before you try to repair a video file, make sure you identify and confirm the problem first. Chances are, sometimes your drive can be the silent culprit. People using external hard drives need to check it for errors. Try to identify the issue with the drive and find out the solution. If nothing works, then try to use any free video repair tool to fix the problem.

  • Convert into VLC

Another easiest thing that you can try to fix your problem is this. You can make unplayable videos work by converting them using a VLC media player. Then know that it’s high time to use an mp4 repair tool. In case this solution does not work.

  • Reproduce to Gain Accessibility 

Lastly, you can try to reproduce to gain the accessibility of the video file. To do this, you have to make a copy of the original File. Then transform it from one format to another. Once done, you need to download the VLC media player and click on tools. Then select the “codecs” option from “preferences.” Lastly, click on the always fix or save option. Once you complete these steps, try to play the video using VLC to see if it works.

Closing Words

One cannot anticipate how or when the video file would stop playing. The best thing you can do to prevent such issues is to maintain a backup. Apart from this, we have discussed how you can fix and repair a corrupted file. 

Using Wondershare Repairit can be the best thing you can do. It is easy to use and comes with a simple user interface. With an advanced approach, you can fix your problem in no time. So why sit back and blame your device? Get Repairit and fix the problem in the best way.

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