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How to reset your Windows 10 admin account if the password is lost?

Are you locked out of your Windows 10 admin account? Here’s the easiest way to get back up and running.

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Admin accounts are the main accounts on your computer which give you all the privileges and authorities of the owner to access files and folders. There are other user accounts like local users which contain certain restrictions for many applications and software within the system. Thus, if an important entry point like that of an admin account gets locked out due to losing or forgetting the password, you can clearly imagine what a tremendous havoc it would dawn upon you. You will be completely locked out of your own computer without being able to access any of your data. And this is why we are going to show you the ways to unlock your locked admin account.

1: Format and Re-install Windows OS

This is one of the quickest methods to get your system back to operational mode again. Formatting and reinstalling the OS is required for a complete wipeout of your primary disk which you should be ready for before attempting the method. Now go through the steps executed below to know the method:

  • Insert your bootable disk containing the OS file and boot from it.
  • The Windows file will automatically be loaded into your computer and a new installation pop-up would emerge.
  • Choose the “Install Now” option to continue with the general installation procedure.
  • Now, format your primary disk and click “Ok” to install your windows OS once again.

It will take some time before the procedure is fully completed. In the meantime, the system may restart many times as the installation continues. Make sure that the bootable disk remains connected to your computer.


  • It is a time consuming and tedious method that will kill a lot of your valuable time.
  • It will erase all your essential files and documents which in turn would cost you heavier than you expected.

2: Reset Windows 10 Password with TRK

TRK or Trinity Rescue Kit is a wonderful Password recovery tool that allows you to securely enter your locked admin account without any password inquiry as it directly bypasses the login password on Windows 10. The steps for this method are elaborated as follows:

  • Download the TRK program file from Internet and burn the ISO image file into the bootable disk, which can either be an USB or CD/DVD.
  • Eject the bootable disk and re-insert it into the locked account computer and boot from it.
  • Choose the “Windows Password Resetting” option and press “Enter” to continue.
  • Now; select “winpass prompts for username first” and input the account name which is currently locked.
  • The program will retrieve all the OS details, simply press 1 to clear the password feature from your computer.

So it is done once and for all! Reboot your computer to apply for the changes.


  • It only works with local accounts.
  • It does not work with Windows 64-bit versions.

3: Reset Windows 10 Password with iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro Tool

There are innumerable tools available online to reset or crack forgotten passwords for your admin accounts, but mostly all of them come with some pros and cons. And when it comes to resetting the password for your admin or domain accounts, which are the access points to your system and online files and folders, you cannot compromise with even slightest utility setbacks.

iSeePassword Windows Recovery Pro is a wonderful tool which not only bypasses your login screen but also ensures that no data is lost by not re-installing the OS.

Salient Features of iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro:

  • It is compatible with all the Windows OS versions, such as Windows XP/ Vista? 7/ 8/ 10.
  • It loses no system files and folders.
  • Internet connection is not required.
  • All types of hard drives are usable, such as SSD, HDD, NTFS, SATA, etc.
  • It works on UEFI, DSI legacy, BIOS boot modes.

Things to prepare for usage:

  • A spare working computer.
  • A USB or CD/DVD storage device with minimum of 512 MB storage capacity.
  • The iSeePassword Program file.

Manual to use iSeePassword Recovery Pro:

  • Get the software downloaded from the official website and install it accurately.
  • Launch the software with admin privileges and from the main Tool’s window select “USB or CD/DVD” option as the media type.
  • Insert your USB or CD/DVD and click on “Burn USB” option to burn the ISO image files into the bootable disk. Click “Ok” when the notification “Burning Successfully!” turns up.
  • Take out the loaded bootable disk and insert it into the locked out computer to boot from it which will load the program file into the locked computer.
  • Eventually, click “Reset Password” and “Reboot” buttons from the main screen to finish the process.

Your computer will be restarted but you will gain clean access this time without password inquiry.


The methods mentioned above in the article are very easier to put to use, thus even if you are a beginner with computers and software handling, it won’t be that difficult to pull off the methods. But in terms of security and assurance, the third method including iSeePassword Recovery Pro is the best option to heed if you need to bypass or reset login password on Windows 10.

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