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How to reset your Windows 7/8/10 password without an actual password

windows new password

Forgot the local administrator password of your Windows computer? Or maybe your Microsoft accounts password has been compromised? Doesn’t matter what kind of account you have to login to the Windows computer but if you forget the password, then you won’t be able to access any data on the PC whatsoever.

But to be honest, you can certainly reset the password of your computer by bypassing the login screen using the methods shared in this guide. These methods work perfectly when you forget the computer local/Microsoft account password. It doesn’t require any special computer skills neither it requires any knowledge of the previous password.

Solution #1: Reset Windows 10 Password with NT Password Live CD

One of the most popular free Windows password recovery software is Offline NT Password and Registry Editors. It is often called NT Password – a Linux based program used for resetting the computer administrator password but specially designed for computer experts and advanced users. It blanks out the administrator password by editing the Windows registry files responsible for locking the computer.

Let us show you how to use this program to reset the Windows 7/8/ ten password –

Step 1. Go to the NT Password official website, download the ISO image file of the program and burn it on a CD/DVD or flash drive.

Step 2. Boot the compromised computer with NT Password, and after the booting from the flash drive is finished, you will see a command prompt window with many options to select from. Type the digits to locate the driver name in which the operating system is installed.

windows 10 password reset

Step 3. Next, choose the option that says “Edit User data and passwords.” Check the below screenshot to get an idea about the option.

windows password reset

Step 4. On the following options, choose 1 showing “Clear (blank) user password.”

This should clear the password of the computer and set it as blank so that you can log in without any password. If you have multiple administrator usernames, then repeat the whole steps mentioned above to reset their passwords as well.

When it is done, restart the computer, and it should not ask for any password.

Solution #2: Reset Windows 10 Login Password With PassFolk WinSaverFree

You must be asking how the hell am I supposed to bypass Microsoft/domain accounts? NT Password won’t work with them, right?

Well, in that case, try the most famous and popular Windows password recovery software available at the moment! PassFolk SaverWinFree!It is the best program that allows one to reset/change/bypass any Windows administrator password that you can’t remember.

The power of SaverWin lies on easily it can remove the password from the computer. It doesn’t matter if you are using a local account or Microsoft account, it simply swipes out the login screen so that you can enter the computer normally. Secondly, it doesn’t show any command screen like NT Password that could confuse you.

Resetting password with SaverWin involves very basic steps that we will elaborate below.

Step 1. Download SaverWin on any working machine to create the password reset disk with the help of a flash drive or CD/DVD.

Step 2. To create the password reset disk, first launch the program then insert the removable disk on the PC. According to your preferences, click “Burn USB” in case you are using a flash drive or “Burn CD/DVD” if that’s what you are using.

Note: It is better to back up the data from the removable device as SaverWin will erase everything from the disks.

Step 2. After the job of SaverWin is done, you are ready to delete the computer password from the password-protected PC. First, change the boot priority of the computer from the BIOS settings so that it can boot from SaverWin disk.

Step 3. After the SaverWin program starts up, it will show the administrator accounts loaded in the PC. So, first select any administrator username followed by clicking the Reset Password button.

That’s all! With just one click, the password is vanished from the computer like it never existed.

Restart the computer, and the PC will bypass the login screen and take you to the main computer display icons directly. So, you may realize the task of SaverWin is successfully completed.


You may think re-installing the operating system is the only way to reset the computer password. But that’s not true; you can easily reset password on all Windows operating system with NT Password and PassFolk SaverWin. It is really easy to access your computer even if you don’t remember the password. Kindly share the guide if was helpful to you.

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