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How to set up a PIN code on your Nintendo Switch

You’ll need an official Nintendo app, but thankfully, the process is pretty straightforward.

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The Nintendo Switch is an awesome portable console, with games that appeal to the entire family. But sometimes you might not want your child or little sibling playing the game long into the night.

Thankfully, the console offers an option to attach a PIN code to the Switch, which means you can control when, and for how long, they play on it.

Sadly, it’s not baked into the console, and you’ll need to download the Nintendo Switch Parental Control app on your smartphone, but thankfully, the process is pretty straightforward. We’ll show you how to add a PIN below.

How to setup a PIN code on Your Nintendo Switch

Adding a passcode on Nintendo Switch is possible with the assistance of the Parental Controls App:

  1. First, you need to pair the Switch with the Nintendo Switch Parental Control app (Android and iOS)
  2. Once paired, select Play Time Limit and look through the options
  3. Next, from the Parental Controls app, choose Settings > PIN
  4. Nintendo will assign a four-digit code (you can change it)
  5. Once you have sorted that out, the user needs to press Save, and the new PIN will be added

Once completed, if the Nintendo Switch is connected to the internet, a pop-up will appear and confirm the new PIN.

How to make sure the PIN is working

It is necessary to allow the Nintendo Switch to run for some time and reach its set time limit to see if your PIN works. Once it does that, you need to try to open some of the restricted games. If everything is in order, a pop-up will appear saying that you can’t play this software

To continue using Nintendo Switch without restrictions, tap the Time’s Up button at the upper part of your screen. 

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Then you will need to enter your passcode. You can do that with your control stick. If you want to ensure that you are entering the correct passcode, you can click the R button to reveal that. 

Upon successfully entering the passcode, a prompt will appear saying that you’ve successfully disabled Parental Controls. That way, you can access all of your restricted games and software without any interruption.

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