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How to stop an addiction to your mobile phone

In a world where phone distractions are the norm, your ability to navigate this force and manage your attention can give you a competitive edge

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Smartphones are some of the most alluring distractions of all time. Studies show that spending too much time on your phone, though, can affect your focus and mental health. There are some ways to resist the excessive use of your smartphone and win back your life. 

Here are some concrete steps that can help you reduce your dependency on your mobile phone. 

Be More Intentional About Your Phone Use

Before automatically picking up your phone to see why that shiny notification demands your attention, always ask yourself, is there a reason to use my phone at this moment? This moment will help answer whether you are picking it up with a specific intention in mind or if you are just reaching out unconsciously. 

Keep Yourself on a Schedule

An effective way to deter yourself from checking your phone is to set the alarm to specify how often you can check it. Start with every 15 minutes, then 30, and then gradually grow from there. If you think the delayed response time will cause you anxiety, tell your friends it might take you longer than normal to reply. When your alarm sounds, use one minute to check all your notifications and then reset the timer. 

Turn Off Notifications

Whether it’s from someone’s posts on a page you liked a decade ago or a person who liked your pinned Facebook post, notifications can cause unnecessary interruptions. Turn off all notifications from social media apps. Only leave notifications on for chat app messages, email, calendars, or for betting at the casino online. You do not want to miss any critical updates that could affect your wagering. 

Delete Distracting Apps From Your Phone

Research shows that most people use their phones unconsciously. You can randomly pick up your phone and shift from Instagram to Snapchat to checking the weather without any real plan. This bouncing around can cause you to spend too much time on your phone without any concrete reason. 

To prevent this behavior, consider deleting social media apps from your phone altogether. Keep the apps you want to use, such as those for learning a new skill or reading. Using specific apps in this way will help you cut down on wasting time tapping away on your phone.

Don’t Take Your Phone to Bed

Try leaving your phone somewhere from view, like on your desk or in your closet. Keeping it out of sight will help avoid the temptation to look at your phone before falling asleep or every time you wake up. 

Turn On Your Phone’s Grayscale

Research shows that colors influence our emotions and priorities. Those colorful icons or shiny little red notification bubbles can keep you glued to your phone for hours. Turning on your phone’s grayscale can help reduce the urge to look at your phone and the risk of it pulling you into the infinite scrolling cycle.


In a world where phone distractions are the norm, your ability to navigate this force and manage your attention can give you a competitive edge. Implement these strategies to earn back your freedom.

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