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How to streamline your social media marketing campaign

With an increase in technology and internet use, most brands are running to social media for advertising and promoting their products.

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You will probably get ashamed after finding out the posts you run at your social media accounts as campaigns aren’t fit for such. Before getting further, we need to look at what social media marketing campaigns are and their use. Social media campaigns are the advertising or promotional campaigns of products and services done through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Their use is to promote products to the social media audience. How do you make them useful?

To have a streamlined social media campaign, you need to consider the factors below.

Identify the Goals and the Audience

Every marketing strategy has its own goal and its target audience. So it is a social media campaign. Before starting any campaign, you need to establish your goals and know the kind of audience you are targeting. Do you want to run a competition? Do you want to promote your products, or are you recruiting?

By having such goals, you will understand how to put the campaign and get needed. Please get what you want to do and focus on it. It would help if you also understood what your audience wants and how they require their information packaged. Identifying the goals and the audience will help you know which kind of social media accounts to use to ensure your message gets to the right audience effectively.

Have a Content Calendar

You can’t wake up any day and decide to start a social media campaign. It will fail. First, you need to prepare your audience for the incoming campaign by having prior posts giving your campaign details. If your campaign involves a lot of work and might run for a long time, you need to have a social media management team that will be running your accounts and updating them regularly.

The team will be creating the content and preparing your audience for the campaign. The social media team will find the right channels to run your campaign and develop suitable content. They will also create a calendar as to when they will be posting your campaign. Another duty for the team will be engaging the clients to know the effectiveness of the campaign.

Know your Channels

All social media accounts are created differently and have different types of audiences. The content you create for the Facebook audience will not be the same as that of the twitter audience. You need to know the channels you will be using and customize the content for each channel. You should have different copies of the contents for each social media site.

The reason is that the audience you will meet on one social media site might be present in another. Use different formats and designs if you are using various sites. For example, if you use 140-characters on twitter, get a video for Facebook and a picture for the Instagram audience. By doing so, your campaign won’t be portraying the same thing that prevents it from becoming monotonous.


Timing is essential when running social media campaigns. The reason is that each social media platform has its peak season where traffic is enormous. Traffic on LinkedIn won’t be the same as traffic on Facebook at any given time. If you are streaming your content, you need to do it when traffic is at the peak. For example, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are more active in the evenings than early mornings.

In LinkedIn, check its definition here, posts get the most engagement in the morning and the evenings, while on Tumblr, posts are beneficial at night. When you do the right timing, you end up reaching more audiences over a short period making your campaign effective over a short while. If you are running sponsored ads, you might achieve more value for your money.

Follow the 10:4:1 Rule

The 10:4:1 rule does not mean a football match composition, but defines the number of postings you should carry for your social media campaign. Not all your posts should link to your content. You also need to post the content of others to have a successful media campaign. Why is this? According to experts, if you have 15 posts, 10 of those posts should be about others and not you. What type of content fits this?

You can post news, weather changes, and upcoming industry, among other information. These tactics help remove boredom to your audience and link to the most successful social media campaigns. How will you feel if you keep on reading the same thing all the time? It feels boring. That’s how your audience will feel if you don’t mix your content with others.

Have a Recycled Content

Do not get terrified recycling your content once in a while. It gives consistency to your campaign. Recycling your content makes it reach a bigger audience, especially to channels that get refreshed. Audiences in social media channels like Twitter and Facebook always go for fresh content.

If you had posted earlier, there might be chances that it didn’t reach some audience. Reposting again will capture the attention of those who missed it. To avoid it becoming repetitive, have a different preamble to each posting. One more thing, check on the trending hashtags and include them in the current posts to enable your campaign to reach a wider audience.


Your social media campaign should have a style that corresponds with your brand to resonate with your audience. Depending on your audience and to what you are selling, you can use the official language, internet slang, or jargon-laden statements to fit the audience. This tone should be consistent and should sound just like your brand.

If you are selling products targeting the youth, an informal language might do the trick. Products that target corporations and other high profile citizens might need a formal language, which should get packed with honor, just like the goods you are selling. When clients see the content, they should relate it with your brand. Don’t create suspicion to your audience regarding the genuinely of the campaign.

With an increase in technology and internet use, most brands are running to social media for advertising and promoting their products. It would be best if you weren’t left behind. Go with the trends and use the above tips to create your campaign. Remember that customers will always buy what is displayed and not what gets produced. Create a campaign that will see you sell your products.

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