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How to succeed in the audiovisual sector?

Since I started my YouTube channel, I have often been asked: How to succeed in the audiovisual sector?

Of course, this question has many variations:

  • How to be an editor? sound engineer? director?
  • How do you work in the cinema?

In short, it’s time for me to find an answer.

Today, my young career allows me to review online video converter, have a clear, objective vision, and above all, realistic solutions are available for fans who want to become pros (which was my case a few years ago).

In response to the largest number, I voluntarily directed this article towards generalizations, which, although related, are not life lessons but are my observations and experiences. There is no magic formula just ordinary and unlimited work will give access to your dreams! In the preamble, we must start from the principle that we are all different until then I did not take too much risk.

Once this assumption is established, it’s easier to understand that there isn’t a golden rule or one magic recipe that will allow you to get the perfect dream job and situation. To simplify reading and make this article practical, here are three questions that would be wise to know how to answer before dreaming of a career in the audiovisual industry. The purpose of these questions is to define some parameters that will make it possible to turn this passion, this dream into a destination not a shop.

When we have goals, missions, goals, it will be much easier to develop strategies that allow us to succeed.

I draw your attention to the use of the word dream, I have heard many people “dream of working in the cinema”, “dreams of being a director” or even “dreams of being an actor” … BREAKING NEWS: dreams are not an improper strategy. I will qualify all of this by saying that it’s not bad to dream but you have to be aware of things.

In theory, there, you should understand my point of view, but in this case it’s clear!

To be successful in broadcasting, you must approach things in a way that is realistic, practical and has a strategy.

What is my ambition?

Because of our education, we don’t all have the same aspirations. It is important to be able to answer this question before you even know what work interests us. By answering many questions, I see a real disconnect between the goals to be achieved and the method used.

Obviously, going to school for $ 7,000 a year isn’t necessarily the best solution if you want to be an entrepreneur and make a corporate film. Conversely, paying for this type of training if you target film or TV is a more reasonable and realistic choice. To have a better vision, you must know that there are not thousands of possible solutions, whether you work in the company as an employee, freelance (discontinuous or not) or you have your own company (car entrepreneur or small company). So many statuses, so if we try to make a NON-EXHAUSTIVE list of various sectors or types of content:

– Wedding film
– Clip
– Short film
– Advertising
– Company film
– Documentary
– TV Report
– Web video (YouTube)
– Feature film

We cannot say that feature films, for example, are only accessible to a small number of candidates because there are many independent projects. That said, you have to know that to live and work on big films that are widely distributed … everything gets complicated. It is easier to make generalizations and classifications than the most accessible ones, but there are so many variables and initiatives, which in the end will not be representative.

However, even though it’s not always easy to make a living from wedding films and company videos because you have to become an orchestra and manage your company, this is clearly still more accessible than the large media that quite often operates exclusively from the capital. It is important to remember all this information and to remember that the internet did not last long and that this media revolution created jobs today that did not exist a few years ago … think especially of editors who help YouTube users who have the means of making their videos. To conclude, say if your goal is to work in the production of clips or company advertisements, then you will not take the same path that targets Hollywood … I know I said above … but there is at least you have been fixed.

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