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How to successfully start and manage an Amazon FBA business

When listing your first product, you’ll probably feel nervous, excited, and dreadful. Don’t worry and try not to stress out too much.

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If you’re looking for a way to make money from home with your own schedule, you should consider starting an Amazon FBA business

FBA, fulfilled by Amazon, is a program that allows you to sell goods, products, and wares on Amazon. You can either sell second-hand, new, or handmade items via the shipping company website, to make some extra cash. 

But how do you get started? 

Here’s our step-by-step guide to make sure you create and manage a stellar Amazon FBA business. From there, all you have to do is stay on top of your store and manage your incoming profit. 

Decide on a Personal or Professional Account

Before making any other decisions, you’ll need to determine how you want to get started: 

  • If you want to start slow, go for a personal account. You can then focus on garnering an audience and slowly building up your market. With the personal account, you can test out a variety of products to see which garners the best results. 
  • The professional account is for all of you who already know what they’re going to sell. If you’re transferring your online business from a different platform to Amazon, the business profile is suited to you. Start here if you are certain of what and how much you want to sell. You can also switch from a personal to professional account at any time. 

Find Your Product Niche

Do some research, both on Amazon and in your local markets. On Amazon, do you notice any blanks that arise when searching for products? 

If you see a need on the market, you should fill it. If you’re looking to start re-selling, check out local stores to see what you can feasibly resell for a profit. 

For those who are hand-making their items, you’ll still want to do some research. Check out how competitors are marketing their products. Craft advertising strategies that you believe will hold out against other sellers, and revise as you go. The process requires some trial and error, so be patient. 

Hire a Virtual Assistant

Once your business is off the ground and running, you’ll want to outsource work. An FBA business is not always easy to manage solo, and you’ll find yourself consumed with tasks if you don’t get help. 

Hiring an Amazon FBA virtual assistant will help relieve you of some stress of crafting your business. 

You can hire the virtual assistant as a temp worker to start. It’s crucial to test the working compatibility with the freelancer. Once you determine whether they’re a good fit, hire them part-time to start. 

Learn the Ins and Outs of Seller Central

With your virtual assistant taking care of things like SEO and marketing, you’re ready to dive into the world of Seller Central. The platform is where you’ll be making most of your sales, and where you’ll communicate with Amazon Customer Service. 

You’ll want to take your time, anywhere from a couple of days to a week, to learn the interface. Make sure that you’re an expert so that you won’t run into any hiccups once your first product is listed. 

List Your First Product

When listing your first product, you’ll probably feel nervous, excited, and dreadful. Don’t worry and try not to stress out too much. Everyone makes mistakes, but you can’t stop that from getting you started. Make your virtual assistant write up the product description and specifications based on SEO strategies. Take plenty of high-quality photos of the item.

Finally, decide on a price that suits your needs and be confident on it. Once that’s all taken care of, congratulations! You’re officially running and managing an Amazon FBA business. 

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