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How to track text messages on cell phone

Here’s everything you need to know.

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There’s no second thought in saying that we all love our near and dear ones. We don’t want them to come in contact with people who can be a threat to them. And what else could be more relieving when you have the complete access to the messages that your loved ones get on their cellphones.

Many online frauds take place in the form of text messages these days. Maybe you save them from a situation where they would have revealed their bank information to some fraud. Or evacuate them from some bogus online deal that could have made them lost hundreds of bucks.

Now you must be thinking that is it really possible to get access to someone’s text messages? As assured by, surely it is possible when you have an amazing friend like mSpy by your side that extracts all the cellphone messages from the target device and show them to you. So let’s see how mSpy does this magic.

Spy On Text Messages On Cell Phone

For the successful tracking of messages on the target Android device, first, the registration on mSpy needs to be done. mSpy has different packages and you can choose the one that fits your needs. After the successful registration, you’ll get a password that will be necessary to login to the mSpy account.

After setting up the parent device, you need the physical access of the target device. First of all, you have to disable the Play Protect service and after that, install the mSpy service using the link provided by mSpy. The app will ask to provide some necessary permissions and you have to accept their legal user agreement. Finally, after completing the installation process, you are all set to monitor the text messages of the target device.

  1. On the initial login, you’ll be on the Dashboard of mSpy. All the features are available on the left-hand side and you have to choose Text Messages for the list.
  2. All the messages and conversations of your kids will appear here along with the name of the other contact. Both the sent and received messages will be available for you to check.

Another amazing thing about mSpy is that it reveals the date and time when a particular message took place.

So if you have a child who’s planning something unacceptable, you have access to all their messages and know about everything beforehand. The kids can’t even lie about something they have been discussing over the text messages as you have evidence of their deeds.

Final Words

Access to text messages is just one of the several amazing features that mSpy provides. The app might take some time to load the data, but after syncing, it shows all the details related to the text messages. Moreover, the user doesn’t even need to root the target Android device. Just the physical access is required and that too for 10-15 minutes for the complete installation process.

If you have earlier experience with a spying app, you just need 5 minutes to complete the installation. So what are you waiting for? Just get yourself a mSpy account and track all the messages that you were always concerned about.

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