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How to turn 3 top tech hobbies into a career

In financial terms, anything tech-related was a winner in 2020, and even with the world returning to normal, that’s unlikely to change.

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If you’re looking for a new career, your tech hobbies may well point the way to the specialties you might want to explore. But, a word of warning, once you turn a hobby into work, it’s somehow less fun than it once was.

Maybe it’s the pressure of having to do things you like when you don’t feel like doing them. Maybe it’s having too much of a good thing. Nevertheless, if you’re doing something you already love, it helps to make the workday easier. If you’re into these three tech hobbies, they may be the basis for future employment – or even a new business of your own!

Coding isn’t as Hard as You May Think: And it’s Marketable

The modern age is all about automation, and somebody has to write the code that makes it possible. If you love technical challenges and have been doing coding as a hobby, you can make a little money on the side – or even turn your coding abilities into the basis for a business.

Not into coding yet eager to try it? There are a lot of free resources online that can help you to learn. As long as you’re enjoying yourself, why not go ahead with the learning curve? Perhaps, one day, you’ll be the next big name in Silicon Valley! Even if you aren’t, the skills you’ll learn could become your means of earning a good living someday. And if you decide it’s not for you as an everyday job, it’s still a fun hobby, so you’ve nothing to lose.

Photography and Photo Editing

With a healthy mix of tech-savvy and artistic talent needed for success, photography and photo editing are hobbies that can become profitable sidelines, careers, or even the basis for a business of your own.

Although not as costly as it was in the days before digital photography, your equipment and software other than that which is free to use could add up to a substantial investment, but if you’re willing to start as a hobbyist and work your way up in a highly competitive environment, this could be for you.

From fantasy art to making everyday photos just a bit better than life, just about everyone, from individuals to corporates need that special image from time to time.

Online Gaming

If you’re an avid online gamer in your free time, you could be sitting on a goldmine. While some pro gamers simply build up accounts to a certain level before selling them, others become YouTube stars, raking in a fortune in advertising money. After all, game fans are eager to see their heroes in action, so if you’re willing to invest the time needed to be top of your game, your YouTube channel is sure to be a winner.

Strange as it may seem, watching live streaming from top gamers is also a popular pastime and a way to build your following and your revenues. So, if you’re great at your game, why not monetize it? Sounds like a humbug? 8-year-old RyanKaji earned $26 million from his YouTube channel in 2019. No, it won’t be easy to match his performance, but just half that would be pretty good, wouldn’t it?

Start building your presence for fun – you never know –  gaming all day long needn’t be unproductive!

Of Course, There’s More

In financial terms, anything tech-related was a winner in 2020, and even with the world returning to normal, that’s unlikely to change. Everybody loves the things that technology can do, and whatever your tech hobby may be, there are people willing to pay you for doing what you love. Just be sure you won’t fall out of love once the pressure of turning it into a career sets in!

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