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How we love our trends and how the smartphone is helping

smartphone breakup slamming and cramming
Image: The Weekly Review

No matter how individual we believe ourselves to be the fact is trends and popular culture govern our lives as we are subjected to a constant bombardment of advertisements and thoughts about what is going to be ‘the right thing’ to wear, use or even eat on a daily basis.

“Modern popular culture transmitted via the mass media and aimed particularly at younger people.”

This is fine as long as we are aware and let’s face it some of the ideas are pretty good!

This is all very well and good, just as long as we don’t let those trends take over our lives to the detriment of our family, friends and significant other.

Let’s take the smartphone as a good example.

Today, there are not many people that do not have access to a smartphone and this essential piece of kit has become invaluable. To be honest it is pretty amazing to think that it was just over ten years ago that the very first iPhone was introduced to the general public.

“This is going to change the way people communicate forever.” A quote made at that time, but I wonder just how much change could have been envisaged by those developers?

We now make use of our smartphones on a daily basis and are able to bank, browse, buy goods and services beside using them to source our entertainment.

Personally, I am a great fan of online bingo games, and before you laugh and think that online bingo is only for the older generation just take a look at Swanky Bingo which is one of the great high-end bingo sites you can try out.  

In fact, online bingo is now one of the coolest games you can play for a few reasons. The game is incredibly social and this means you can catch up with friends and family whilst being in with a chance of a win. The game is also simple to play which means that you can play for a few minutes or settle down for a full session when you have the time.

You can also enjoy a wide range of other games at online bingo sites so really, they are a ‘one stop shop’ for all of your gaming requirements which is why online bingo is now so popular with the 18 to 35 age group.

But of course, there is always going to be a downside to something so major as the smartphone, and that thing is phubbing or phone snubbing.

Phubbing is the act of ignoring whoever you are within favor of your screen and if you consider that on average smartphone phone users can check their phones up to 150 a day that adds up to quite some time on the phone.

The problem of phone snubbing is so big that the act has been put with money issues, sex problems and other major relationship reasons for breaking up with a significant other.

So, if you find yourself checking your screen instead of paying attention to your companion at a restaurant then remember, you could end up with only your apps for a company.


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