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How you can adopt your business to accepting bitcoin payments

If you also want to start charging your customers in bitcoin, it is important to address it to them.

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People have started realizing the various benefits of cryptocurrencies. They are investing more in cryptocurrencies as it is very convenient and easy. Instead of trading in stocks, people are using cryptocurrency trading software such as Immediate Edge login Many businesses have started accepting cryptocurrencies as a valid mode of payment.

If you also want to start charging your customers in bitcoin, it is important to address it to them. Similar to other online and offline businesses that accept Mastercard or Visa or Paypal display the options available for a customer, a cryptocurrency accepting merchant will have to display the fact very prominently.

While online stores have the options displayed on their website, in offline stores the wallet address is displayed at the counter in the form of a QR code. A customer using a smartphone can scan this code for paying. Besides that, businesses cam use hardware terminals or touchscreen to accept payments.

Although it may not seem so complicated, setting prices is a little time-consuming and requires efforts. After a business starts adopting the cryptocurrency payment methods, it is important that the corresponding fiat currency price is displayed as well so that it easier for customers to understand as the value of cryptocurrencies keeps fluctuating.

Tax is a factor that should be taken into consideration as well. The location of the business determines the tax factor. Another thing that should be kept in mind is refunds. In case a customer comes looking for a refund, the address of the customer has to be shared with the merchant so that the money can be sent back to that individual. However, there are easier ways to deal with certain platforms.


Among all the common methods that merchants use for accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, Bitpay is the most common one. There are many advantages of using this application like the system is fast, convenient to use, and very little risk of volatility is involved for merchants. However, the main reason behind its popularity is that it handles settlements and convert the cryptocurrency into fiat money.

In a recent observation, it was found that more than $1 billion in payments were processed last year through a cryptocurrency payment processor. Further, refunds with Biypay are simple as well. Merchants need to have the email address of the account where the money should be sent.

Moreover, Bitpay’s benefits include the capability for supporting various currencies from the U.S. dollar, pound, euro, Chinese yuan, etc.

Coinbase Commerce

Coinbase is one of the common ways that merchants use to accept bitcoin. As it easily converts bitcoin into fiat and saves the merchants from price volatility, this proves to be a better alternative for online business. Further, unlike credit card payments that are chargeable, this is free. With the rising popularity of the Coinbase brand and the benefits it offers, it is expected that merchants may start to integrate Coinbase Commerce very soon.


Receiving international payments is much easier when charging customers in When bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are used as a mode of payment, receiving payments from an international customer gets easier as well. Besides being listed among the biggest cryptocurrency payment processing services, there are a number of cryptocurrencies supported on this platform. Businesses can integrate it easily on the website as a plugin.


Merchants who are technically accomplished find Btcpay more useful as it is an open-source payment processor. Its processor is similar to a decentralized Bitpay where the payment processor hosted by the merchant can easily receive the existing codebase. When a merchant wants to full control over the funds and accepts various types of cryptocurrencies, Btcpay proves to be more helpful. All payments reach straight into the cryptocurrency wallet while maintaining privacy and security.


Does your business rely on PayPal completely?

If you have a desire to accept cryptocurrency right from your PayPal, then choosing SpicePay is the wisest thing to do.

A Netherland based company, SpicePay will provide various crypto payment options like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. They’re out of the box approach allows traders to withdraw crypto amounts in their respective currencies, such as USD or EUR by using Wire transfers, SEPA or PayPal.

SpicePay will charge you a flat 1% rate on any crypto-related transactions. You will also be able to access their bitcoin wallet service once you require it. Presently, they are keen on adding more crypto options to their list.

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