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How your personal brand helps and benefits your business: Sam Geller’s experience

The development of an image is about truly showing personality and growth.

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If you have a professional career, you´ve probably wondered at some point how to have more reach with people, more presence in social media, or even how to expand your customer base. If you are knowledgeable about marketing strategies or looking for these aspects online you will surely at some point come across the concept of personal branding.

The reality is that whether you are a lawyer, doctor, nutritionist, or any other profession, a personal brand represents the best alternative to advance the purpose of making you known. However, many people are still not convinced that it represents the right idea.

Otherwise, there are other people for whom it was precisely the construction of their personal brand that led them to convince themselves that they were on the right path, and this is precisely the case of Sam Geller. A lawyer, expert in Criminal Defense, with extensive experience in different areas of law such as DUI, domestic violence, drug crimes, theft, fraud, among others.

For Sam Geller, the personal brand has represented a widely determinant aspect in the advancement of his career. Although, his trajectory, dedication, and years of experience have allowed him to gain respectable recognition, undertaking the construction of his personal brand has allowed him to grow to new levels.

Since beginning his Bachelor’s degree at the University of San Francisco, Sam’s motivation has been to become a criminal defense specialist. Once this goal was achieved, the desire to advance did not stop and thanks to his experience, he decided to continue to the next level.

Understanding that innovation, upgrading, and technology are an essential part of any business today was the first step for Sam to realize he needed to go further. To show not only his work but also to convey the essence of what he does.

All this led him to understand that a personal brand was what he needed. That is why, from his experience, he decided to share how building a personal brand has influenced his professional career.

Transmit confidence and tranquility

Beyond fighting with other professionals, Sam understood that personal branding helps reflect one’s qualities to potential customers. He emphasizes that trust and peace of mind are the main attributes that any legal professional should reflect.

This is mainly because it is what people require when faced with a legal situation. He ensures that both elements represent the basis of the relationship with a client, which also ensures client loyalty.

Constant communication

Also, Sam Geller points out that communication is key for the management of your personal brand and as an essential element in the exercise of the profession. For this lawyer, direct communication between the client and the advisor is fundamental.

“In addition to self-confidence, the client likes to feel that his lawyer is available to him. He needs to be able to talk to his lawyer directly. In today’s world, he should even be able to send a text message to his lawyer,” he said.

Train your skills and knowledge

Personal branding does not only lead to the construction of an image. It also leads to the formation of knowledge and skills that support it. Above all, in professions such as law, training plays an elementary role, because it is the basis for the development of any legal argument.

Be authentic and real

Show through your personal brand values and attitudes disguised in a mistake. The development of an image is about truly showing personality and growth. This will help people feel identified and be able to establish a connection with the brand.

For Sam Geller, a personal brand goes beyond an advertising aspect. It focuses on an aspect that shows the essential value and quality of service a person can offer from any area.

That is why he emphasizes that building it and working on it constantly will ensure the possibility of expanding its scope more and more effectively. He assures that this aspect has allowed him to take great steps along his career and that he continues working and growing in a way that can offer innovation and strengthening to the people who follow him and are interested in his services.

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