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Review: Hydrology 9 – When bongs and vapes collide

All I ever wanted to try was a water bong infused with a vaporizer – the Hydrology 9 is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

Hydrology 9

If Apple made a water bong infused with a vaporizer, The Hydrology 9 would be it.

In a nutshell, the Hydrology 9 is a small, powerful, and portable device that vaporizes dry herbs. This somewhat small and compact device is capable of producing a healthy amount of flavorful vapor while looking cool as fuck. The Hydrology 9 is designed by Cloudious9, and it consists of a liquid filtration system like nothing I’ve seen before. This device is packed with amazing features that make it one of the most unique vaporizers on the market. It works with just a push of a button, and everything from top to bottom is designed to deliver an amazing user experience.


Hydrology 9

Image: Chip Chick

The Hydrology 9 liquid filtration device has a beautiful and advanced design that makes it very easy to use. There’s a magnetic mouthpiece at the top that protects the device from dust, dirt, and anything else that can find its way in there. Then comes the borosilicate glass-wide detachable mouthpiece that has a really cool anti-leak feature, which in the end, makes it very easy to clean. The borosilicate glass is ¼-inch thick, and there is a ball valve positioned inside it. The ball valve allows the user to carry it any way they want without fearing it might spill.

The body is made up of anti-rust spacecraft-grade aluminum alloy. Inside the body is the water filtration system. The cylindrical glass body is shaped precisely to provide an ergonomic grip to the user. The water filtration is a patent-pending ‘tunnel tube’ which eases inhalation and provides a lower toxic intake. It also cools down the vapor and provides a clean and fresh inhalation process.

There is a LED light indicator that helps beginners use the device. The light of the LED is distributed evenly throughout the container, showing off a really cool glow. The LED lights also let you know when the device is switched on or off, when it is ready to be used, and also temperature changes.

The design of Hydrology 9 allows the vapor to distribute evenly without leaking. The tunnel tube integrated into the body makes the liquid filtration very easy and creates water vapor that enters your body cold and fresh to provide you with relief. Moreover, you can also add ice water to improve the vaping effect. Cleaning the water tank is very easy; you just have to fill the tank with water and shake it to clean. It’s that simple.

Even heat distribution

Hydrology 9 stirer

Image: The Vape Guide

Most vaporizers these days have heating issues, but the Hydrology 9 solves this problem by introducing a patent-pending heating system. There is a built-in function in the body that is responsible for distributing the heat evenly throughout the device. There is also a precise temperature control option that allows you to choose from one of the five temperatures. The even heat distribution system greatly improves the vaping experience.

The chip inside the device senses the temperature difference and if the temperature is lower than required, it increases the temperature quickly to maintain the desirable temperature. This even heating system and temperature maintenance is responsible for providing a good vaping experience to the user.

The even heat distribution and temperature control system is not available in most common vaporizers, which makes it truly unique. The stir is made up of heat-resistant stainless steel, so it doesn’t get damaged when the heat is increased. There is a bottom chamber cover integrated with the stir, and it is made up of the spacecraft-grade aluminum alloy. All these components cause the heat to evenly distribute throughout the body and prevent other parts from being damaged due to the heat.


  • Dimensions: 45 mm X 175 mm
  • Battery: 2000 mAh lithium polymer
  • Body: Spacecraft-grade anodized aluminum alloy, borosilicate glass mouthpiece
  • Chamber: Food-grade porcelain chamber
  • Accessories: Long and short cleaning brushes, loading and air intake adjustment tool, USB charging cable, and user manual
  • Technology: Liquid filtration and even heat distribution system
  • Compatibility: Dry herbs
  • Temperature control: Yes with 5 pre-heating settings

Customer reviews and conclusions

Hydrology 9


Customers love the Hydrology 9 because of its ease of use and portability. It has an excellent design and powerful battery that allows people to entertain themselves or guests for a reasonable amount of time. One customer stated that they like the way this product allows them to adjust the air intake vents according to their preference. All it needs is a simple twist and you can have a personalized vaping experience.

Most of the customers’ reviews are impressed by its design and looks and that it performs equally well. One customer thought that the price is too much, but overall, the product delivers good value for money. According to another customer, the Hydrology 9 takes two or three hours to charge fully, and then it takes less than 60 seconds to reach the highest temperature. It is very easy to use because of the rotating stirrer that allows the users to stir the herbs and make an even mixture.

Cloudious9 has introduced an exceptional and top-notch product when we talk about its design, looks, performance, and efficiency. It is one of the best vaporizers available on the market as it has overcome the heating issues of other vaporizers. The stirring mechanism is another feature worth discussing that allows the user to mix the herbs evenly. This feature also adds flavor and improves the density of the vapor. The only drawback that customers mentioned is about its portability. Hydrology 9 is not as portable as compared to its competitors and it is ideal to be used at home as compared to taking it along with you. It is, however, very easy to use and clean and offers an even heat distributing technology.

Reader Rating2 Votes
The Good
The stirer is a really good touch
Really easy to use
Beautiful design and presentation
Amazing vape quality
The Bad
Not as portable as I hoped it would be
The price is a little up there
Don't ever drop this thing or else you'll have water all over the place

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