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I have been using Ingramer for a month – Here’s the verdict

Yes, it worked out for me. For the first week, I got around 2000 followers.

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A month ago I was sitting on the sofa at my place, full of peace and harmony, scrolling my Instagram feed. And suddenly came across the profile of one of my acquaintance. In a minute I realized that he is a real hotshot despite the fact that I considered him to be quite a loser. A classic. He boasted his car and girlfriend, and he has 12530 followers. How on Earth?

So without further ado, I started desperately googling “how to get 10000 followers and a girlfriend.” After an hour of searching, I found a kind of solution, that seemed picture-like for me in the current horrible situation. I decided to call on an Instagram bot. I cut corners and chose the first one in the ratings, as the situation didn’t tolerate any delays. That was Ingramer.

Just for reference, an Instagram bot is an automation tool for your Instagram account management that promises you a certain growth of your audience and boost of glory.

A story

So I found out that the Ingramer is a comparatively new product. So I didn’t expect much of its work to be honest and steel myself for the Instagram ban.

How does it work? It’s written that the whole process will take 7 minutes: I had to sign up and add my account, set up a new campaign and “slow down, relax, and enjoy”. As I couldn’t relax, it took around 9 minutes. But I pressed the button “log in” and then “Order Now” and here we go.

But first things first.

They offer 3 options of “co-working”: for two weeks, for a month and for 3 months. As you can see that from a title, I chose the second one. Unfortunately, there was only one module available —” basic”, which includes automated likes, follows and unfollows. I foresee your question: “ why did I choose the one that has so a few options?”

First, Ingramer offers additional tools like Hashtag generator which is empowered by AI algorithms no more, no less, and allows hashtags generation by a photo, URL, and keyword — a freebie. Aside from that, “smart analytics instruments” can’t be odd. As far as I could understand the Ingramer developers, on the basis of information recollected, is coding completely new mechanism for interacting with accounts on Instagram, which allows a more fruitful account promotion. It attracts to a certain extent.

So I decided to be happy with what they offer to me now. In addition if to believe them, they are to add some new tools to the existing functionality: automated comments posting, scheduled posting, and even Direct messages. For me as for plain man ( not a businessman, no great shakes, unfortunately) they are quite needless, though auto comments is a good feature, hope they will launch it soon.

What I was taken in is “the number of happy clients” of 98%. Promising significative cause everybody wants to be happy.

What did Ingramer promise?

  • Convenience
  • Effectiveness
  • Safety

Well, here they do not promise mountains and marvels. They say that their bot imitates real human behavior and will save time. Regarding safety, I personally had some fears about Instagram ban. According to their website info, Ingramer implied the Instagram limits in its code and simply can’t exceed them. That’s it.

What did I really get?

The most interesting and intriguing part of the review. Let’s slice and dice.

Convenience. Is Ingramer convenient? Frankly speaking, yes. The dashboard is designed reasonably good. Actually, I didn’t focus narrowly on it. I was interested in the results.

Effectiveness. Yes, it worked out for me. For the first week, I got around 2000 followers. For me, who had only 357 followers initially and consider this number a success, seeing more than 2000 followers was like “Wow, it’s a miracle”. But it wasn’t that, it was my $34 working for me. After a month I counted 8340 followers. Am I micro- influencer now?

Safety. I didn’t notice any Instagram ban or any leak of my personal data. No comments more.

Instead of a conclusion

Though the price is quite high for that kind of tool, it’s working good. Unfortunately, Ingramer couldn’t gift me a girlfriend.

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