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The idea behind the creation of online casino games

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Online games are developed with one basic rule. The rule is, the house should always win. The other rule is that players should have a ‘reasonable’ chance of beating the house. Aaron Hightower and Sean Henn are two notable individuals in the industry. They revolutionised the world of gaming and casino gambling. They came up with the idea for players to think that they will always win. To improve their odds of winning and keep them playing for long regardless of games like Slots, Poker, Blackjack or the Bingo games.

The longer people play, the more the house wins. Roger Snow aptly stated that a casino game must give the player the illusion that they can win money. However, the house always wins all their money in the long run.

Roger Snow a Casino Gaming Pioneer

Roger Snow is casino games guru. He has over 40 patents on casino gambling games. Popularly known as ‘Wizard’ in the casino gambling world due to his game development skills. He created two popular games namely Ultimate Texas Hold’em and Four Card Poker.

He worked for many casinos in his early days. While there he was responsible for reviewing the invoices. Snow discovered that his employers paid a total of $8,000 each month to Shuffle Master. This was $2,000 for each of the four of the ‘Let It Ride’ tables available. Snow drew inspiration from this.

He surmised that he would one day be part of the ‘racket’. Snow is now the Senior Vice President of one of the world’s top gaming organisations. This organisation is known as Scientific Games.

Speciality of Online Casino Games

There are several online gambling games available. You have those conventional Craps, Blackjack, Roulette and Bingo games. There are also those online poker games like Three Card Poker. This is a speciality game with simple rules. There is no bluffing involved and there is also the prospect of a reasonable payout. Major casino games like Roulette, Bingo, Slots and much more can be played at the top bingo sites such as Sailor Bingo.

According to Snow, speciality games account for 25% of the available space reserved for table based games in American land casinos. Speciality games are fast becoming a preferred choice for most online casinos.

Leading casino industry observers have suggested that gamblers seem to prefer table games to slots. Moreover, people prefer playing on mobiles these days. That is why casinos such as Sailor Bingo now have excellent mobile versions to offer.

Not All Online Casino Games Make It

The world of online casino and bingo games is harsh for developers. Snow believes 99% of games end up in the trash can. The general opinion is that for any online gambling game to succeed it should have the following ingredients.

  • The house should always come out the ultimate winner. A casino game that does not make money for the house is not worthy of being developed.
  • The online casino or bingo game should attract both experienced and new gamblers to keep them involved.
  • It should have a concept (game-theme) that will be able to weather the storm.
  • The game should have cool features that will entice players.
  • Keep the game simple and avoid having special gears. Those games that try to be too innovative are difficult to sell. Gamblers like to stick with what they know.
  • Any new game should be quick. A standard Blackjack has about 70 hands for every hour. For a roulette or Pai Gow Poker, you have approximately 30 games for every hour. Any newly developed game should follow this rule.
  • Create a game with only what you can afford. As mentioned earlier, Snow said only about 1% of games become successful. So, spend only what you can afford to lose in developing games.

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