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iFile File Manager for iPhone is the best file manager you can download right now

iFile is, without a doubt, the most powerful file manager there is. Although it is unofficial, it is easy to install on your iPhone or iPad

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iPhone and the iOS firmware are a powerful combination and, with each iOS update, Apple adds more features. The one thing they haven’t added, and aren’t likely to, is full, unfettered access to your iOS file manager.

The odd thing is, they give you full access to the file manager on the Mac but not iOS. Back when Cydia was alive and kicking, jailbreakers could install an app called iFile, a fully-featured, all-access file manager just like Filza. Now that Cydia is all bit gone, the developers have made it available via other means, and we’re going to tell you all you need to know about this cool app.

How to Download iFile:

This is not an app you can download via the iOS app store, given that it offers what Apple doesn’t support. Instead, you need to do it in one of two ways – using a third-party app store or using Cydia Impactor.

Method 1: AppValley App

AppValley is a popular unofficial app store, offering thousands of apps and games for free. Here’s how to get iFile using AppValley:

  1. Download AppValley directly onto your iPhone using the official link below.
  2. Open Settings > General > Profiles and tap the AppValley profile link
  3. Tap the Trust button and close Settings
  4. Open AppValley and type iFile into the search box
  5. Tap the Get button next to the app and follow the on-screen guide to install it on your device.

Method 2: The IPA File

The IPA file can be sideloaded to your iPhone using a very powerful tool called Cydia Impactor. You require your computer and iPhone cable for this:

  1. First, download the iFile IPA onto your computer
  2. Next, download Cydia Impactor to your computer
  3. Open Cydia Impactor and connect your device
  4. When Cydia Impactor has detected your iPhone, find the .ipa file you downloaded and drag it into Cydia Impactor
  5. Type your Apple ID and wait
  6. When Cydia Impactor has loaded the file, close it down an open Settings on your iPhone
  7. Tap General > Profiles and trust the iFile profile – now you can use the app.


When you use Cydia Impactor, because you are using your Apple ID, the app will crash within seven days. This is because Apple has revoked the app certificate, and you will need to follow the steps above to reactivate it.

iFile App Features:

So what does iFile give you?

iFile offers loads of different ways for you to access and manage your iOS file system. The first thing it can do is allow you to see every file type on your device, including:

iFile allows you to manage your multimedia and software files in these ways:

  • You can move them
  • Rename them
  • Copy/paste
  • Install .deb packages easily
  • Edit configuration files and other property or text lists
  • Easily import music to your iPod library
  • Pack and unpack compressed files

Files can also be moved in and out of your device in these ways:

  • Easy management of Dropbox and FTP files
  • A web server built into iFile makes it easy to upload files and download, using a network or a browser
  • Use a Toshiba FlashAir card to see and download files
  • Add multiple files to emails as attachments
  • Mount .dmg files easily
  • Use Bluetooth to transfer files to other devices

Plus, iFile offers full integration with Safari Download Manager, Attachment Saver, and Celeste Bluetooth File Sharing.

iFile is, without a doubt, the most powerful file manager there is. Although it is unofficial, it is easy to install on your iPhone or iPad, and you won’t find any other app that offers the same features. Yes, there are a lot of apps that claim to be file managers, but most offer you no more than Apple already provides, and most are not free either – iFile is.

Give it a try; you don’t have anything to lose and, if you really can’t get on with it, simply delete it from your device. Tell us if you think there’s another file manager that offers the same, or more, as iFile doe, and don’t forget to share this and on us on our Facebook page.

Have any thoughts on this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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