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Rodney Don Holder discusses the growing importance of home and business security systems

Here’s everything you need to know.

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In the FBI’s latest reported numbers, almost half of the nation’s property crimes occurred in the American South. This was also true of homicide, where the South hosts 45.9% of U.S. murders. For this reason (and the greater accessibility of property security systems), The New York Times reported:

By 2020, the number of people using smart security is expected to swell to over 22 million from nearly 3 million users in 2014.

With over half of the “2.5 million burglaries a year” being “home break-ins,” Rodney Don Holder is concerned about property security in the greater Atlanta area – the single largest metropolitan area of the Deep South. Rodney Don Holder, an audio/visual security expert in Dahlonega, Georgia, has graciously outlined the importance of home and business security systems below.

Security Systems Reduce the Risk of Violent Crimes.

Most security systems come with video surveillance and/or loud alarms that lower the risk of violent crimes on the property altogether. Should criminals be tempted to break-in or commit any other acts of violence, the presence of cameras and loud alarms can deter their intent to harm others or create damage to property.

Unprotected Properties are More Vulnerable as It Becomes Easier to Install Security Systems.

Most people and business owners that maintain some kind of security system tend to flaunt their security measures. From yard signs to obvious cameras and lights, the goal is not only to catch robbers in the act but to intimidate them so that they move along to another property.

According to Rodney Don Holder, burglars often target their effort toward promising buildings with no apparent security system to ward them off. Simply the absence of a security system can attract burglar attention and increase the chance of robbery.

It’s Not Just About Robberies or Break-ins.

Today’s home and business security systems do more than simply ward off or collect evidence during a break-in or robbery. Rodney Don Holder states they can protect properties from fire, water, and even carbon monoxide by notifying occupants, out-of-town property owners, or contact the appropriate emergency response personnel.

Security Systems are More Accessible Than They’ve Ever Been.

While some traditional security systems for home and business (like ADT) manage to cost customers even more than the cost of insurance and mobile phones, the property security industry is becoming far more affordable and easier-to-use.

There are now more security products and solutions available than there have ever been. Property owners may choose between monitoring the property themselves or outsourcing it to a security company. Rodney Don Holder has worked with thousands of property managers to help them customize the best combination of security products for their home or business.

Insurance Companies Often Reward Property Owners that Add Security Systems.

The risk of lost and/or damaged property notably drops with the presence of a home or business security system, meaning that insurance companies are happy to reward customers taking advantage of security products and services. For example, most homeowners are saving anywhere from 10-20% on their insurance when they install a home security system, much like the discounts received for drivers with a dashcam.

Home Products Integrate with Other Home Products.

Property owners employing energy saving devices (such as smart thermostats) are able to integrate those devices with home or business security products. It even integrates with remote door locking or unlocking, as well as remotely turning lights on or off.

This extends the functionality of property security systems to create more secure ease of lifestyle. For example, remote unlocking systems can let in a friend checking on pets (whose owners are out of town) and lock the door after the friend has left the property. Meanwhile, cameras verify the friend’s identity as they come and go.

Cameras Help Prosecute Criminal Activity, Such as Theft in the Workplace or Shoplifting.

At the end of the day (particularly for retail business), some criminals will still attempt their misconduct in spite of all the deterrents in place. In such cases, Rodney Don Holder explains the security system footage becomes admissible evidence to prosecute those responsible. With these systems, employers can more quickly fire the thieving employee, and shop owners can retrieve lost inventory.

Security Systems Can Safely Monitor Property Hazards.

In premises liability cases (that is, where invitees or intruders injure themselves on someone else’s property), security systems can properly identify unsafe conditions by monitoring hazards, such as pools or roped-off parts of the property under renovation. These systems can protect property owners from personal injury lawsuits and more.

Rodney Don Holder is an audio/visual and security specialist with over 10 years’ experience in security systems. He is currently based in Dahlonega, Georgia and works as a Business Development Specialist for CEI.

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