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Indispensable online resources for an effective content marketing strategy

From writing to event planning and distribution, soon you will be a master of content marketing strategies.

Content Marketing

From writing to event planning and distribution, soon you will be a master of content marketing strategies.

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]very business needs a marketing plan. Without a clear and actionable plan, your business will fail to gain customers, and you will stagnate. Today, this marketing plan must be online. Your online content marketing is an essential piece of your success, but creating it can be a bit of a challenge. Not only do you need to come up with interesting and applicable content for your readers, but you also need to make sure it reaches your target audience.

The following tools will help with every step of the marketing process.



Do writing ideas come to you at inconvenient times? For instance, while you’re away from your computer? Evernote is basically a home office for your phone. Use the app to take notes and write in a platform that automatically saves your drafts, so you’ll never lose your work.


Easily compare different drafts of your document side by side. You can sync up to other users and quickly find previous documents of your work. A really helpful feature takes Word documents with Tracked Changes and moves the “red ink” to the far right and away from the original copy.


If you aren’t particularly gifted in the writing department, you can hire the professional team of writers at Essay Mama to create your content. Place an order for an original article or have the writers help with editing and formatting of your own work.



Make sure your web content is 100% original. will locate any instances of plagiarism on your page. You can choose to rewrite the content yourself or let PlagTracker do it for you


Pippity is a fun way to convert new users on your site. It gives you full customization of pop-ups that actually relate to what your customers are interested in.


Scribe optimizes your website by creating backlinks throughout the text to keep people on the site longer. Scribe can also offer insightful advice to improve your page.



Do you have multiple projects to work on at once? Toggl will keep track of the time you spend on each one so you can better plan your time.


Easily build editorial calendars and plan your social media posts with CoSchedule. It integrates with Facebook, WordPress, and Google Docs.


Keeping track of all your employees and freelancers can be exhausting, which is where Clockspot comes into the picture. With its application, you can clock in from any approved device, whether it be mobile, a computer, or even a telephone. You can even run payroll reports, review and approve timesheets online, and even manage things like overtime and vacations. Perfect for small business owners.


NewsCred is the grand daddy of all marketing strategy websites. Used by Monster, Visa, and HP, NewsCred builds your entire strategy from the ground up.

Social Media


Buffer focuses on publishing to your social media campaigns and driving traffic to your pages.


Hootsuite integrates all of your social media profiles so you can plan your posts, monitor your traffic, and see which posts engage your audience and which do not.


Used by Nike, Samsung, and Go Daddy, Sprinklr assists with marketing, sales, customer care, market research, and public relations for your social media profiles.



Cadence9 lets you optimize your social media strategy through the use of performance metrics and analytics.


Yoast can analyze your website and provide creative ways to make it more readable, easier to navigate, and consistently reliable.


Slideshare is a product from LinkedIn. It lets you share slideshows and network with new potential leads.



Get a full analysis of your social media profiles. Learn the best time to schedule your posts, and find your most engaged followers and fans.


SimpleReach analyzes your traffic, conversion rates, and traffic. You can use this data to improve your ROI in real time.


Woopra builds a customer profile for every one of your users. You will be able top understand your followers and fans on a much deeper level than you otherwise would ever achieve.

Video Creation


Create videos for training, marketing, and onboarding. Use the tool to increase your productivity and sales.


Whether you need a video for training, sales, HR, or marketing, you can use KnowledgeVision’s huge selection of apps to make exactly what you want.


Jing has a 5-minute video limit that requires users to be concise and clear with their customers. You can easily send and share the videos.

Influencer Marketing


Learn how to market to your advocates, manage your referral program’s ROI, and better respond to qualifying leads.


Use Traacker to learn who your biggest influencers are, measure their impact on your business, and manage their relationships with your platforms.


Buzzsumo lets you see how well your content will perform on different social media pages. Type in your topic and Buzzsumo will tell you how many times it was mentioned on Facebook. LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+.



Cvent takes your entire event experience online. Users can search for venues, manage budgets, create marketing plans, and see who has registered to attend.


EventPro brings your venue, catering, and event all into one app so you can easily manage all the decisions you need to make.


Certain improves your events ROI by creating targeted marketing plans, an online registration, and an integrated check-in process.



GoToMeeting lets you have a virtual meeting with people anywhere in the world. Each participant enters a meeting ID number and is directed to a “meeting room,” with HD video and the option to chat via text.


WebEx is similar to GoToMeeting, but it also provides event management features so you and your coworkers can collaborate on projects.


While not as fancy as the other webinar sites, ReadyTalk lets you connect with video, mobile, audio, and web conferencing.

Your content marketing plan is a huge undertaking. It requires you to think of every piece of your marketing process, from your content to your social media strategy, analytics, and distribution. Don’t try to handle it all on your own. These tools can help you make the most of your online presence. Many of the tools listed above are free (or very low cost) at their basic level. Choose a few and try them. See what difference a little extra help can make for your business.

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